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I have taken my companion to Dr. Morgan in Wylie for several years. I am a physician Assistant and highly educated and she never seems prepared for my questions. Last time I was there I asked one of the dweebs at the desk to print out her medical records which they did without question. At least the idiots at the front desk due as they are told although they are trolls. The next appointment Dr. Morgan who can barely utter a word of... Read more

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Stay away from this Clinic. There Vet Tech's are not certified and will try to draw blood up to 5 times ( abuse). One of the Vet's is brand new out of school, Dr. Nakteboren and is horrible. I have heard numerous complaints about her not know what to do. There is no practice manager present. I have seen the Vets and Vet techs abuse the animals. It is deplorable. The only thing they care about is getting your money. They are not dedicated to... Read more

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I bought a puppy in December and thought the Wellness Plan seemed like a good deal. They talked me into adding the neuter and now fast forward 2 months we decide we're not cut out for a puppy and now have to pay for the neuter we didn't even get! They also nicked me for a non refundable 40$ sign up fee that they failed to mention. It isn't worth the money and you don't save much going this route. I waited on the phone for at least 20 minutes... Read more

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Banfield Pet Hospital diagnosed my pet with a Mast Cell Tumor in February 2013. I was told that it would be nearly $800 to remove the "mass" and I was instructed to give my dog 1/2 a Benadryl x2 daily. I was fooled into purchasing their "Wellness Plan" because this would help "save money" - although I soon learned that their prices were so inflated that even with a "discount", it was still way above industry average. Anyway, after a few weeks of... Read more

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In February of this year, I took my 10 year old Toy Fox Terrier in for dental cleaning. I also pointed out a small growth on my dog that I was curious about. I had it biopsied and was told that I would be called with the results. Before leaving, I was pressured into purchasing their Optimum Wellness Plan. I was made to believe that this would save us money for my dogs dental cleaning (which ended up costing $800 anyway!) and should anything... Read more

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I pay for the Wellness Optimum Plan every month. My dog was vomiting blood and I called Banfield to take my dog in and the bastards told me that they weren't excepting anymore animals for that day. They also gave me several numbers to call , but I would have to pay a $90 Office Visit. Why in the *** am I paying them every month and I can't even take my dog there for an emergency. I think Banfield not a good plan and then they trap you... Read more

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I tried to cancel my renewal with this company a month before the next renewal. They told me I couldn't do it until the renew date. I asked if they could just make a note on my account to not renew. I was told no. So I cancelled that card and got a new one since they had that one on file. Now I am getting an automated message for me to call the number because there is a problem with my card. - DUH I CANCELLED IT. Anyway I call back, I i wait for... Read more

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We took my daughter's dog to Banfield hospital today for treatment of a severe skin allergy. Both the Vet and vet tech were rude and unprofessional. The vet was dismissive and not only ignored our questions when we pressed for answers to our questions she was rude and angry. The vet tech spoke down to us like we were beneath her. We left with a bag full of medication which they forced upon us, didn't explain to us still not really having any... Read more

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Do not go to Banfield Pet Hospital. They refuse to medically treat your pet in a timely manner. They gave my pet medication that was toxic to him and almost killed him. Find a veterinarian that is AAHA accredited. You will spend the same amount of money and your pet will live a longer, happier life. This is an unacceptable veterinarian clinic. It is a shame that they are a nationwide chain, many people go to them on a daily or weekly basis with... Read more

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my dog has severe separation anxiety, she also will not allow me to even bathe or use toilet facilities without throwing a severe tantrum complete with leaping as high as the doorjamb. banfield refused to even try to evaluate her and informed me that this is not something covered under the contract we have with them. apparently, they only deal with the easy things like vaccinations, etc. bottom line, i'm stuck with paying out that ***... Read more

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