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My optimum wellness plan upgrade offered First Shield Trio 4 month supply free for both dogs. It caused my 8 year old pit bull to scratch his back on the bark of a tree,and gave him a stench of crabs.

My 1 year old Yorkie poo whimpered in distress and scratched all night long. I woke up the next morning to my poor baby scratching intensely. I called my vet and she advised me to bathe them with the dawn and oatmeal shampoo. They were fine immediately after.

I contacted customer service and spoke with a pascal who told me I could not return product because it had been used and to discard it. I asked if there was anything else they could do, and she offered me a 6 mos pro-worm heart injection prescription and warned because of my dogs sensitivity it may not be the best for them. I declined, and feel like my needs have not been met.

I will not use this product ever again. And pray that everyone be weary of "First Shield Trio".

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $114.

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It doesnt matter what topical flea treatment I put on my dog, she runs around like a mad dog rubbing on everything and rolling around and acting a fool. I don't believe it has anything to do with the product, she is just wanting to get it off or spread it all over her environment.

Now, if there is irritation at the application site then that is a different story. But, we have been using it for 1 year now without any issues.

Good Luck!


I go thu bansfield and they have nothing but wonderful to my two dogs,as the rash and icthing this,the dog probley had fleas with the first shield,they kill them.or they had a skin problem or dry never wash your dog then put it on cause it doesn't work after bathing,get real.and if you bathen them after treatment 1-10.then there fine.i wouldn't change bansfield at all.


I just put this on my 5yr old dog the other day for the first time. He has been running around the house rubbing his body on everything and itching like something is biting him.

I keep combing him & trying to see if it's a bug but nothing is there. After reading these posts I think it is a reaction to the first shield! Thanks for your help, i'm gonna put him outta his misery and give him a dawn bath!

I am also gonna call the vet & complain tomorrow! :sigh


I used it on my Puggle & Pug. The Puggle only displayed the itching like something was attacking her skin.

The Pug's symptoms on the other hand became so extreme that her back leg kept giving way, she couldn't walk straight and kept itching like she was mad. We washed the remaining medicine off her and that seemed to help. If she hadn't improved I would have been forced to bring her to the emergency vet.

It was scary. I do not recommend this product.


i have used this for 3 years on two yorkies and i have not had any problem at all


gunna cry about it?


Just because u don't know how to use the product and don't like the customer service doesn't mean the product does work. Go *** yourself


To anyone that plans on using First Shield Trio for your pets-STAY AWAY!

We used this product for the first time this week on our dog and it cause him to be miserable. All he did was run around and act like someone was attaching his skin. He couldn't stand becasue his leg back leg keep kicking out from under him. He has been scratching and liking and uable to sleep due to the irritaion this flea treatment has caused. We contact the Animal infection control unit and the stated that there is a pestiside in this product that some animal don't do well on aand casues a tinkling all over them. We had to wash our dog in Dawnn dish soap and put Vitamin E on him and thise could take 5-7 days to get him calm done. I'm warning anyone not to use this product. there are no safety warning on this product.

PLEASE DON"T BY THIS PRODUCT. Pets Smart vetenary sell this product.

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