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Signed up for the wellness plan that was portrayed as a savings/insurance plan. My dog got deathly ill a few months later and was euthanized at their clinic.

the rep there said my contract was cancelled and I would owe no further money since my dog was no longer alive. Well each month they take out a payment and say it's their right since we signed up for a year. So if animal is dead, still have to pay for wellness since they say we owe them more money than we have paid thus far.

Beware of this scam. It's much better to simply pay for services as you go along, or just buy insurance through a reputable carrier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: I am continuing to be charged for a wellness plan for my dog which your vet euthanized in March of 2015..

Monetary Loss: $279.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Wellness plan and treatment of pet.

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I am experiencing the same problem.....don't get this plan...it's a rip off!!!!!


Maybe you should read the contracts you sign. It tells you about the instances you are complaining about. Especially the "not insurance" part.


I had the same thing happen to me as Bainfield fails to tell you prior to signing up for the Wellness plan that you actually CAN NOT cancel the plan and it must be paid in full whether or not you use all the services provided in the plan. My puppy passed away suddenly at only 9 months old and I had only been to Banfield with the puppy 3 times. She was given an initial check up, 1 DHPP booster shot and a stool sample checked for parasites.

Yet, when I called Banfield they told me I had already used in excess of the $480.00 I paid in full at the time I signed up for the Wellness plan there was no refund due.


First of all its not insurance, if it were insurance you would pay the hospital in full then file a claim with your insurance company. They provided services to you up front so when you cancel you pay the retail cost (as if you paid as you went) or if it's cheaper you just pay the remaining payments. If you're paying the remaining payments you're actually paying less than if you "paid as you went"


So it's not a scam. You signed a contact that said if your pet passes away, runs away, etc, you are responsible for the year.

Either you have to pay for the remaining months, or for services used at cost, whichever is cheaper. Read before you sign.


Yes it it. My vet charges a fraction of what Banfield charges, and has a nicer office too!

They are a greedy horrible company that could care less about people's pets! All animals are to them is a payday!


Most small/non-corporate vets are cheaper, & I'm not going to disagree that they are more money-focused than pet-focused, but that has nothing to do with the fact that if you are complaining about not being able to cancel a wellness plan then CLEARLY YOU DID NOT READ THE DOCUMENT YOU SIGNED! Just like a cell phone contract, a gym contract, a mortgage, legally you cannot just drop out of a contact without paying a penalty.

so buyer beware - ALWAYS READ what you sign. If you don't then you have no basis to complain afterwards because it's your fault for not understanding what you signed.