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I recently called Banfields Optimum wellness program which I have been enrolled for years. I was never told about a yearly contract and even if I was I still would have taken it thinking I was doing the right thing for my pets.

I would have never asked if my payment would stop if my pet was to die. When I called they told me they are a wellness program and I would still pay up until Dec. 2008. Well they did not keep my pet well.

My beloved Jesse DIED in July and I still have to pay.

So for all of the defenders of Banfield, good for you and I hope your pet never dies before your contract date.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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This is nothing to do with defending Banfield, it is about correcting a basic ignorance of how their plans work. IT IS NOT A MONTH-TO-MONTH INSURANCE!

It is an annual wellness plan. These are completely different things. On an annual wellness plan the total discounted costs for all the services offered over that whole year (vaccines, bloodwork, deworking, fecal exams, urinary exams, physical exams, and if any surgeries are included) are split in to 12 equal monthly payments. You are not just paying for what you used that exact month.

For example if in Jan you used vaccines and bloodwork that could easily cost ~$300, yet if you cancelled in Feb after only paying the monthly payment for Jan, they would lose ~$250. Having to pay the full annual costs - THAT YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT AGREEING TO - is just smart business, otherwise everyone would sign up, use all the $$$ services then cancel after 1-2 payments, leaving the company to eat the massive costs of this.

Businesses don't get this big & successful by being ***.


I can't believe the jerkholes on this site. Someone's pet is dead and people can't wait to cause more pain.

Banfield SUCKS!

They have killed so many animals I'm shocked they are still in business. Then again the pet industry has ZERO regulations. ZERO. Look it up.

It's true. And disgusting. All over their warm&fuzzy commercials they say ''your pet is your best friend'' and ''a pet is part of the family'' and then they kill your ''best friend/part of the family'' and wonder why you're so upset.

I hate people.

And I hate Banfield. *** All of them.


Sounds like to me you are bitter because they fired you. Most likely due to animal cruelty.

I see you are harassing everyone that has a different opinion to you. I would not be surprised if you were fired for torturing animals because their barks annoyed you.

This is why you are bitter to the world. You were fired.


You are paying for services you have recieved. This is just a guess, but am thinking that you took your pet in every six months for his comprehensive exams (office visit about $40, can't remember the cost of the comprehensive), vaccines (ranging from $13-29 per vaccine), fecals (about $35), heartworm test (about $40).

Plus the office visit for every time that you may have also taken your pet in for being sick). Your not paying just to pay, you are paying off the services that you have already recieved. Look at your last bill and its going to tell you your lifetime savings, it will also tell you what the regular price of your services would have been if you had not been on the wellness plan.

I am not talking down to you at all. I am just trying to show you were your money is going.


They give you a copy of your contract, and if you have any kind of brains you read things before you sign them. It could have signed your life away and you would have been screwed.

Also the prev care on wellness plans are half off and require certain things to be done by the client in order for them to be discounted. A smart consumer would have read their contract.


In most cases contracts are void at death. This person is not asking for her money back she is just saying that why should she have to pay for service that she will no longer be using.

To compare a deceased pet to a blown engine in a car to just a ignorant statement. You MUST work at Banfield.


Yes, if you carefully read the agreement you signed when you enrolled your pet, you will see that it clearly states YOU are responsible for the plan for 12 months regardless of what happens to your pet. Be it running away, lost, stolen, or sadly, passing away. Most likely, you probably received the majority of your services early on in the year and the final payments are covering those services and not services you didn't receive.


It is PREVENTATIVE care NOT insurance. Did you have comprehensive exams in the "years" you've had the plan?

They are basically allowing you to pay off for services used generally early on. If you have been doing this for years, it's really your fault for not reading your agreement.

You had the option to pay in full when you first enrolled or anytime there after and you knew the services you would get, if you paid in full would you still want your money back? Truth is they do clients a favor in allowing payments, hence why it continues until the end of the agreement.


If you bought a car and signed a contract which you had to do t o get in the plan, and your car blew an engine and you could not drive it anymore, would you try to call the bank an dsay, well the car is gone, so I am not going to make anymore payments on it, sorrry-Would yu be blasting the bank for not just saying "Okay, we understnad-no car no more payments" They will not say that, the contract you signed didn't say until the pet dies, gets lost, etc. It says from this month to this month-


Did you ever sign a contract to enroll on the plan? If no, then your not liable.

Ask for a copy of the signed contract to verify. If yes, then boo on you. Also how did your pet die? How was it there fault.

If that is the truth you can have an investigation into the matter.Honestly, you have been a member for years.

So you have had time to learn about the plan. Stop being a victim


Banfield's Wellness Plan IS NOT insurance. It is a program for preventive care. Sorry for your pet drying.

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