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This is the worst possible place you can take your pet. I took my 3 year old boxer there because he had been throwing up for two days.

I was literally the only person in the office and managed to still be there for two hours. When they finally checked me in, they did a $140 blood test and came back in and told me that he had Pancreatitis. The put him on one day of treatment wrote a prescription and told me to go home. The total was $600.

The next day I was told to bring him back in for IV fluid treatments at nine in the morning so I did. Well at about three oclock they called and asked if I wanted medicine in the IV. I was told the previous day that this was included in the $600 payment, well not quiet. She said for another $300...I mean if you have it!!

What does that mean? I said I can't afford that and she replied, Well we'll take him off of the IV's now so you can come and get him. My sister picked him up and they tried to charge me another $89 for him being there for the day. I said NO.

They gave Casper a prescription and we left and filled it. Well this was on Christmas eve. Over the next couple of days I noticed that Casper was getting worse so I took him to another vet. The other vet diagnosed him with Parvo, kept him for three days on IV fluids consistently and he improved by 1000x.

He told me that Banfield should have done a Parvo test because its simply a rectal swab.

Casper was down to his last breath before I took him to the new vet and I had to end up paying him $875. Thank god he didn't make me pay him all up front, he was kind enough to work with me because he knew Banfield had just screwed my *** so now he's going to write everything he needs to for my lawsuit so this doesn't happen to anybody else again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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#612663 is a contract. You SIGNED a contract when you signed up, what would make you think that signing a contract means that you are not bound by that contract? The terms are laid out in it, so it's your fault for not reading


so my complaint is not the same as this one but i will see what happens. Now i signed up for the plan at banfield and went to 2 appointments for my pup.

Because of other issues at home I had to give him up. Now since I gave my pup to a better home in November, I called and cancelled the plan. Once in November, the next time in December. I was told twice that it was cancelled and done.

Well I guess i was wrong because they have been taken the auto payments right out of my account since i cancelled the plan. I had my wife call today because i wanted to know why. Now the young fellow told her that i can not get my money back that they have been taken over the last few months and i had well over $500 worth of shots. Well to my understanding from the lady at the actual store is that it was not a contract type of situation.

So in my mind that means i can cancel at any time and that is that. Now instead of doing what i thought was common sense and just refunding me my money, they give me the option of closing out the accout with a 0 balance. If it is not a contract and there are no cancellation fees or anything of the sort and that the few dollars i was paying was for discounts on the shots, treatments etc, then why am i not able to get the actual money that they have been drafting from my account?

This is my only concern.I mean it really does not make any kind of regular common sense to cancel something, but you continue to draft my money even though you tell me that it is cancelled and you give me no further information like "sir, we are still going to take your money just because we can". I mean tell me something here.


now what?now you go to your bank or credit & cancel/change the account # or put a stop on them. obviously the person who wrote the response above you works for them.file a claim in the small claims court.

keep all your paperwork.

you can ask for your money back that they took,the fee for filing(approx $30)& whatever money/time/inconvenience for having to go thru all this. maybe once they start being made to pay for their mistakes they will stop.


Come one now this is crazy. I will say No there is no case here(Pre-law during the day, BF at night) but i dont think its ALL about that, i think she feels like that doctor was milking her.

and if it were you you would be upset to. Bashing her as Pet O is very rude and hurtful. You are not helping the case, if nothing your making it worse. Shawntayyancey

was just upset that her dog wasn't treated properly.

I work for a charter clinic and there fore our rules are a little different but at the end of the day the goal is the same and thats is to make sure every pet, and their O leaves happy and healthy. So keep it above the belt and if you feel she isn't educated enough on this then maybe you could refer her to sites that could help her vs calling her irresponsible. And i am not taking up for BF because i work there i am speaking from one pet O to another. A simple "Snap" and fecal test could have at least narrowed it down to see what was going on, and then e-rays and so on.

All i can say if is the DR's at my clinic always start from the bottom and work there way up as to avoid causing the O to have to pay out the *** Its all said and done and her pet is well and thats were we in the pet medical field stop and say now next time do this or that to prevent...... So again not all BF's are bad but your case even being considered by an attorney is a pipe dream.

just live and let live. and i do know that's easier said then done.


Im sorry to hear that, and please believe me when i say not all bandfields are like that by NO means would we EVER stop treatment on a pet once they are in our clinic. We treat the pets that come in as our own.

because the pet is so afraid and sick that we try everything to make them comfortable. that docs first mistake is not checking for parvo or some thing of the sort. besides parvo has a VERY distinctive smell. and if you deal with it enough you can tell just by the fecal smell.

Please dont let that one clinic make you think bad of all clinics. I am happy your dog is better.

beside those prices are outrageous. you could have had you dog neutered,got a pair of prosthetic ***, a full teeth cleaning and meds for that price at our clinic.


Shawntayyancey, we apologize that your visit was unsatisfactory. We understand that the hospital has been in contact with you in regard to your concerns. If you have additional concerns, please contact our Client Advocate Team again at 877.500.2288.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Yeah, your hospital mistreated my kitten and she died in my arms and I had no clue what was wrong. I did EVERYTHING your *** doctors told me to.

I guess you will tell me to contact your complaint center to? Which I did and you just made the doctor from the hospital call me.

This company is terrible and I don't know how you get your funds to keep standing but you all can *** off. My kitten is receiving an autopsy and you will be hearing from MY lawyer soon.


Yeah I'm nosey for looking at a PUBLIC review online, lol. Like I said, I left Banfield for a better job.

But I do know my medicine, and I do know that you have no case. There are 1 of 2 circumstances where your dog could have tested positive for parvo a) if you were irresponsible and didn't vaccinate as you should have or b) got him vaccinated 5-17 days before, thus testing a false positive. Also, adult dogs who do contract parvo are very unlikely to get sick like puppies. This is because their immune systems are stronger and because they do not have as many rapidly dividing cells in the intestinal lining as puppies do (the virus likes to attack dividing cells).

Adult dogs only get really sick from Parvo if they already have an underlying condition affecting their health (perhaps pancreatitis??). By starting him on fluids, Banfield did exactly what would have been done in a pancreatitis or parvo case. The only exception is that parvo cases usually need to be on fluids longer. But occasionally pancreatitis needs fluids for several days if the patient isn't improving, that's why DAILY followups are necessary in these cases.

So like I said, you have no case because 1) parvo is an unlikely illness in an adult dog, 2) the hallmark sign of bloody diarrhea was absent, 3) treatment for pancreatitis and parvo are very similar.

I'm sorry you are upset, but you have no case.


Thanks not for your advice nosey *** person, you dont know what I did. This might be the *** lady that treated HIM!!!


You must really be a nincompoop if you think you are going to win any kind of lawsuit. Let me tell you why:

1.) The HALLMARK sign of Parvo is bloody diarrhea, not just vomiting. Tons of things can cause vomiting.

2.) A vet would typically not suspect Parvo in an adult dog (especially one without bloody diarrhea). Parvo is typically a puppy's disease because RESPONSIBLE owners have their adult dogs vaccinated. Also, it's possible that the parvo test the other vet did could be a false positive if your dog was vaccinated for parvo recently. False positives can occur 5-17 days after vaccination.

3.) It's possible your dog had both pancreatitis and parvo

4.) Treatment for pancreatitis and parvo are relatively similar. Both involve IV fluids to replace fluids lost in vomiting/diarrhea and to help flush out the body. Antibiotics can be prescribed in both cases to control secondary bacterial infection (like sepsis). An anti-emetic injection may be used in both to control nausea. So how are you going to sue Banfield for providing the same treatment the other vet did? You were the one that discontinued treatment. I know it was Christmas, but you should have taken your dog to an emergency clinic if she wasn't improving.

I'm tired of all these uneducated people claiming they are going to sue veterinary clinics. At least somewhat educate yourselves before spreading false information.

By the way, I used to work for Banfield and am quite bitter at the way management treated employees. I thought the vets were fantastic, just not the way they treated employees. So I have no stake in defending Banfield. I just think your review is silly.

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