Delray Beach, Florida
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I had years of good experience with Banfield until fairly recently when they became corporate under new policies. They hire very inexpeienced vets, interns, and only allow for their lowered quality of corporate policy.

They baited and switched me with their wellness plans. I did get two other opinions after they refused to do a dental cleaning, The intern vet took a complete blood work-up after telling me she was going to do a heart x-ray and EKG because they heard a heart murmer..

After telling me the results of the blood work-up and no explanation for doing the EKG and X_ray she said she would downgrade my plan for a few weeks until I had her do a special blood test.

Neglected to mention that that would cost $165.00 but manipulated the plan to cover NOTHING that would be applicable for a few weeks---then said whe would upgrade the plan but later found out that they would not do the cleaning if his liver count was slightly elevated---which the other two valued vet opinions (one of which worked for Banfield previously, but left when management changed) said he was not at greater risk than any other dog with these issues, as they were minimal. They are continuing to bill me for the plan which is useless, and I will not continue using them for either of my animals and do not recommend them to anyone any longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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