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On Thursday, June 9.2016 I went to Banfield Hospital at Petsmart on 159 Lincoln Square, Arlington TX 76006 to ask how to or what I could do to get fleas of our dog and 2 cats. They sold me 2 FirstShild Cat/Kitten 0-8 lbs single dose and 1 dose FirstShield Trio 5-10 lbs.

After I paid for it they went to the back to retrieve the meds and noticed that they only had one dose left for the cats. They told me that they will get some on Monday and I could pick it up then. So I went home with one tube of dog and one cat dosis which was in a tube and plastic container. After I got home we applied it on the dog and then opened the second one for the cat.

As my husband try to apply this to the cat he noticed that there was nothing in the tube. He opened the top and seen that the seal was of and it seemed that the med was deluded. I try to call Banfield right away put they where closed. Next morning I went back to the hospital with the plastic-container and the tampered tube.

Emanuel (the Manager) told me that he couldn't get me no refund or a new tube until he spoke to the manufacture (which I thought this was not right). But I thought he would have this resolved by Monday when I would pick up my dose which I had already paid for. I didn't hear anything all Monday, so I drove to the hospital late afternoon only to hear that he couldn't get me any refund for the tampered one and just gave the one which I paid for in advance. He also told me that he will get in contact with the manufacture (because he had more things to solve).

Today is Thursday the 16. and I still wasn't contacted or called. about the meds. Here I have 3 animals and only 2 got the shield (which by the way didn't do anything to the fleas) I guess because they didn't get the dosis at the same time.

We bombed the whole house and I been cleaning and disinfecting every day. What makes it worse I just got a knee-replacement and I sure don't want to get any infection.

I did write a report directly to the Banfield headquarters but didn't get any response up to this date. Here (me *** even gave a donation to Banfield foundation).

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: No return or exchange for empty tube that was sold.

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Fleas have multiple life cycles. If you have an infestation , it can take 2-3mo to fully get rid of it.

You also have to treat the yard, the house and the pets.

Wash all bedding (cats, dogs and yours) in hot water. Get a cheap flea collar or two and put it in the vacuum and vacuum daily.

Fleas are really bad this year. I worked at Banfield for 6yrs and I actually did like the first shield trio for dogs.

It seemed to work alot better than advantage and Frontline (those two seemed to stop working. Probably because they've been out forever)

You can purchase capstar. It's not a prevention but it will kill the fleas that are on them for 24hrs. I believe you can use it a couple days in a row.

I just used it on my aunts dog today. She brought her into my clinic and she was infested with fleas. Gave her the capstar and they died and fell off within a few minutes.

For cats, I prefer revolution. It's the only thing I would use on kitties.

It is prescription only tho, so if your cats have not been seen by the vet, the vet can't sell it. It has heartworm prevention in it. Another good product for cats is activyl. Which is also only sold at vet offices.

It doesn't have heartworm prevention in it, so I'm not sure if it can be sold without an exam or not. It's a new product (only been out about a year or so) and a new one to me I was at Banfield 6yrs and we didn't sell it. My new practice does.

Pretty much any of the otc prevention (advantage, frontline, sentry) is useless.

The best prevention are sold through the vet. Never buy Hartz brand, it's known to kill pets. When people have both cats and dogs in the same household, I tell them to use oral prevention for the dogs (Trifexis, Comfortis, Bravecto or Nexgard ) because the dog flea prevention is extremely toxic to cats. All it takes is a tiny drop of the dog one to get on the cat (it could happen if the cat rubs on the dog or lays where the dog just laid ) for it to severely harm them or be fatal.

So next time, think about an oral prevention for the dogs and revolution for the kitties. I love trifexis, it's fleas, heartworm and roundworms. So the pet must have a current heartworm test if they haven't been on prevention. If they are already on prevention then either comforts (that and trifexis you can get at Banfield if you are a client there.

You can get the revolution there as well) or bravecto which is fleas and ticks and it's a soft chew that lasts for 12wks! It's not sold at Banfield so you'd have to have your dog's vet write a script to get it elsewhere. As for the return of firstshield. Technically, they do have to call the manufacturer.

But they should have been able to give you a new one and not charge you for it. Give the corporate office a call and let them know what happened. You can also call firstshield yourself if you aren't getting a call back from the manager. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

As I said, I was there for 6yrs. I truly loved the two vets I worked with. They were absolutely amazing and so caring/compassionate, as was my last manager.

I hope you get a resolution soon and I sincerely hope that you heal well from your knee replacement. Don't over exert yourself!

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