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This complaint is about the Banfiled Animal Hospital in Lake Mary, Florida.

I took my cat to have his teeth cleaned a few months ago. When I picked him up and went to pay the bill it was much more then what they told me it is going to be. Also, I was supposed to get 2 medications which they did not have in stock. I kept checking back with them every 2 days and then a week later... they still did not have the required medications after 2 weeks of the teeth cleaning. The doctor came up with the answer, that I don't even need them. Then why did they prescribe them in the first place? A couple days later a whitish zit looking bump grew on my cat's lip. I took him back to Banfield and after waiting 30 minutes and arguing another 15 minutes they told me that my cat's lip infection has nothing to do with the teeth cleaning they did or with the missing medications. What a huge lie!!! They refunded the cost of the meds, but I still had to pay for this visit which would never happened if they would have done their part correctly! I took my cat to another (recommended by friends) vet where my visit was a dream after all the nightmare with Banfield.

My cat gets this sore on his lip every couple of months since than.

I have doubts about Banfiled's sanitization and pet care practices.

Do not take you pet there!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Cleaning & Sanitization


I rarely write a bad review but sometimes a situation warrants me to warn people about potential problems. I have been to this location twice now, the 1st time was Oct of 2009, my dogs had some intestinal parasites.

They prescribed me 69 mg size baytril. I always look up on the internet what meds are, what they do. The vet tech gave me the wrong size. They gave me 23 mg instead.

When i called them, they treated me like a criminal, and I had to make ANOTHER 80 minutes round trip to swap out the correct meds.No apology, absolutely nothing. On Nov 7th, 2010 Sunday I called and asked if I can make an appt. they said 3pm was fine but they were very busy, and said I might have to wait til 4pm to be seen. I said that was great.

I was thankful someone besides an emergency vet was open on a sunday. I showed up on time. The african gal then says, "we are not taking any new clients".I was stunned. I said, I have been here before with my other dogs and I made an appointment.

She said there was no way I would be seen today. Apparently this branch has some serious operational problems. They know how to make an appoinment, they just can not keeep it. I did swear at her and left with my dog bleeding from her neck.

I made some calls and Valu-vet in Deltona, saw us very promptly and professionally. They know how to make an appoinment and to see you at the time they promised. As for my sweet dog, she had to be put down.

Bless her... All of the above is 100 percent truthful and honest.


I have been taking my pet to Banfield now for 6 months. Similar situation. I have taken her once for a comprehensive exam plus a round of vaccinations, then had her teeth cleaned shortly after. Since her dental cleaning, she has had a red spot under her chin that occasionally turns into a whitish zit. Furthermore, the areas that were shaved during her dental surgery have still not recovered hair after 3 or 4 months. Lastly, since her dental surgery she has began obsessively cleaning herself. She has quite a few balding spots, some of them are scabbed over and some of them are discolored (yellowish brown).

She has been to follow up visits, diagnosed with allergies, given a steroid injection (which made her lethargic and ruined her appetite and cost $40)), she has been given antihistamines ($21), she has been eating Royal Canin HypoAllergenic HP23 EXCLUSIVELY for 6 months now ($27.99 for 7lb bag), and she is not getting better, she is in fact GETTING WORSE. I have switched her dish from a plastic fountain to a ceramic bowl and switched her litter from clay litter to cedar litter.

I'm also weary that my Banfield will not treat my cat in the room with me. They take her to a back room.

I also must say that I had one other cat treated at Banfield before. He was diagnozed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and died only a few months after he began treatment at Banfield (he was ONLY 4 years old). All in all, I paid a year of the premium wellness plan, $500 for cremation, and $400+ for hospitalization, catheters, etc. I am afraid the same thing will happen to my kitty now. I am suspicious that Banfield is killing animals so that they do not have to administer any more treatment, but pet parents still have to pay their wellness plan (after their pets death). I'm considering skipping my kitty's next comprehensive exam this month, and I have been researching other cat insurance options.


Usually, the sores on lips that look like zits, are zits; it's caused by unsanitary feeding dishes. Look at the type of bowls you use and either A - Clean them daily or B - Change the type of bowls you feed in.

I bet you use plastic? Switch to stainless steel, that will prevent it.


I agree with Mike... you can't blame that on Banfield or the dental cleaning...

especially if it happens every few months. Chances are, it's been happening, and you just didn't notice it before that!


Hate to say it, but no way the teeth cleaning causes a lip sore several weeks later. Unfortunate, but not related.

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