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Had a drop off time of 7:30 am. I figured I would be picking up my dog about noon but no.

I got the call to pick her up around 4:30. She was still wobbly, tongue sticking out, reverse sneezing and the first thing she did before leaving the store, a big puddle of diarrhea. I gave it a day then called. The message from them was give it a few days, if the vet thought it was a problem she would call.

Here we are on day 4. Still reverse sneezing and diarrhea. The dog never had this reaction before.

And why traumatized the dog by crating it for hours and hours before anesthesia. SMH Been using Banfield for a while with no problems but this has me rethinking my vet options.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ex-Banfield tech here.

You realize that a busy hospital will do a minimum of 4/5 surgeries a day.

Just because they need all the animals there in the morning doesn't mean that the surgeries are all done straight away. It takes time to examine, draw blood, run the blood tests, do a surgical prep, do the actual surgery and recover EACH pet. Normally in a Banfield there is only 1 doctor doing all of this with a technician so they are really really busy getting all of this done. If they have to see appointments or emergencies as well before or in between surgeries then it can take even longer.

Just like if you were going to have a surgery you would spend all day (at least) in the hospital as well.

I think you had unrealistic expectations.

Also, anesthesia and stress can definitely cause diarrhea afterwards, but 4 days is a little long so I would check back in with the vet to be safe.

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