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Dear Dr. Scott Campbell,

My name is Deborah,and am a terminated employee from Banfield Pet Hospital #1135 as of June 7,2008. I have been with this hospital since April 2007. I have never been so upset. There is no documentation and I kept this hospital going when we had no Dr. from Sept. 2007 thru Dec.8,2007. Noone was at the hospital,it was just me and corespondence with field director, Kyle Pletcher. I have been dependable,punctual,etc. We have a new office manager,Robin,from another Banfield,to help our hospital get ready for a new Dr. in July.They terminated me for an incident with a client back in Dec. 2007,saying I was rude to her. was never talked to about this incident nor is there any documentation on this.The office manager,I have never worked with or does she even know my work ethics. I feel that I was targeted after. I was given an award for my dedication and doing a good job in April 2008. I would like some answers. I have called Kyle Pletcher,field director for my hospital, on numerous ocassions, and left voicemails to please return my calls. Here it is June 12th and still no phone call back. I loved my job at Banfield, as a CSC. I also did 3 years at a Banfield in Saginaw, Mich. I am most upet and would really like to hear back from you. My email address is: My Phone # is Home 847-515-3193 and my cell # is 847-852-6915. I thank you for your time and cooperation.


Deborah A. Cregg

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Get over it and find another job!!!!


I am currently working for Banfield and am putting my two week notice in because of issues with management. Both the OM and DPN were at a different location because the other OM and DPN were fired.

I took the plate and had the enitre staff planogram, clean, even put together a work schedule for the PN's. The day the DPN got back (a 20 year old Male) for a PN meeting I was going over the schedule with the other PN's. He saw what I had done and got on the comp. and made up his own in 5min.

Then Two days later they came back and I took a day off. They had the entire hospital in shambles. The two of the in one day undid everything it had taken me two weeks to do. LMAO!

It is funny because even before that the OM was never there and the DPN is 20 years old. The staff has still not been properly trained and the DPN won't show the PN's how to do some things at all. Banfield is a joke! They have all these rules that we have to apply by but the management is ***.

Oh yeah... I was taught lead by exapmle. If I was following my leadership I would be unbathed, unshavened, unprofessional, procrastinate, hair a mess, and not do my job.

Another one of my co-workers has been up for a raise for two months. The OM has yet to turn-in the paperwork.


I totally feel for you! I went through a similar situation at the FV, Ca location.

I held that hospital together after our Dr. quit. Although They had notice they didn't get a replacement Dr. for almost a year.

The corp office pushed blaim on us for low revenue. They gave me the HD title right before the other quit. She didn't really train me. We finally got a Dr., but he was foreign and very rude.

They of course sided with him, and sent down some *** from Corp to "help" our hospital. I worked my *** off for the hospital sometimes 80 hours a week for 5 years. Only to have this *** belittle, and embarrass me in front of my entire staff. Instead of thanking me he went off about everything that I did wrong.

He then blamed ME for not getting properly trained. They sent over a very unprofessional person to "train" me. She was either very late or didn't show up at all. I had the horrible feeling that they were trying to get me to quit.

I tried to talk to my upper management, but they were just as rude. The new Dr. was verbally harassing team members into tears, and the *** told me to basically shut up, and take it. Because of the low revenue it was hard to keep things stocked.

He actually asked me to pay for things out of pocket! I was a single Mom on there BS salary. To add insult to injury I had to take a medical leave, and when I came back I found out that the *** asked everyone what I was on medical leave for. Insinuating I was lying.

Totally unprofessional! I was so hurt, and nobody but my team members had my back. I ended up quiting. I loved, and devoted myself to that job only to get a "don't let the door hit you.." feeling.

Banfield doesn't give a *** about there loyal employees. "Treating pets like family, and there employees like ***" is there motto!

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