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Wanted to get the opportunity to share my terrible and extremely frustrating experience at Banfield Pet Hospital. Not so long ago I went to Banfield Pet Hospital at Sawgrass in Sunrise Fl and at the beginning was convinced that they offered really good care, was a serious place and the pet plan could be a good opportunity to give my pets all the care that they needed at an affordable price. In fact, need to say that they really know how to involve you on their business. With time I started to realize that sadly this place is all about making as many clients as possible to a point that I finally could experience closer.

As a member of the plan, it is included for your pet to be checked as many times as necessary whenever something is going wrong. My pet wasn't feeling good in the morning, so I called and asked for an appointment as soon as possible, because I was worried and something wasn't right. They said I could wait until 3:30pm when they had a spot and I would have an appointment or I could go as a walk in but I would probably have to wait so as to be seen. Immediately I opted for having an appointment, my pet wasn't feeling good and I really didn't need him to be waiting. I arrived 10 min prior to my appointment and found a really full waiting room. There were 3 doctors on duty. Took them one hour to put me inside a room, after that a nurse came and took the symptoms, temperature…. the routine….. after that, 40 min passed and nothing, no doctors, no front desk to give me an explanation…. I started seeing people that were there before and after me leaving, so I went to the front desk and asked about the doctor, by that time was 5:10pm, they told me he was at the phone and would come soon. I waited for 15 more minutes and finally quit and left having NO assistance. Never got a call from them or anything like that.

Now I have no desires to return, but I'm stuck with the plan that consists of a contract of one year and as you can imagine, would cost me a fortune to get out of. So please, if you are thinking about getting into this whole idea, think twice and take this into consideration, that place has no respect to the client, extremely unprofessional, and really don't be fuelled believing that they really care about your pet. They grew up so much and took a proportion at the business that an unsatisfied client really doesn't matter, they are there to make numbers.

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I have had terrible experiences as well. The pet plan is bs.

They over charged me for seven months, refused to refund me for it and wanted more of my money to cancel my plan early. Do not go to banfield. Worst ever. The techs have no idea what they are doing.

They mixed up my cat's meds for his eye. Told me to give him the oral one in his eye and the eye drops in his mouth! Had I not reread it later my cat would've gotten sicker!

I think the worst part is no one cares. Every time you try to tell them what's wrong you get a generic message about how you are important but no one cares or fixes anything.


same thing happens to me every time I go into ban field and when I told one of your employees to cancel my plan, is when this rude son of a *** was telling me everything I was saying was a lie, how bs is that canceling my plan with you guys at the end of next month my plan is up never again especially with how much *** money I spent and how my dog really got nothing in return.

Banfield P

We apologize that one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. Thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention.

We have forwarded your post onto our Client Advocate Team and will have someone follow-up with you. If you would like to add anything else please call the Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thank you.

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