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My cat became really ill, throwing up, not eating. I took him to Banfield and before even doing any diagnostics, the vet suggested putting him down.

I was in shock. Well, I had them do the blood work, and all was perfect except his white cell count was a bit high.(indicates an infection) they gave him an antibiotic and he made a great recovery. When I took him back for his "recheck" a few days later, they said he looked great and the vet started pushing me to give him vaccinations. I told her I was reticent to do it then, since his immune system was already compromised.

She pushed and said rabies vac was the law and side affects are rare. Long story short he gets the vaccine and we are back at square one with him vomiting. I tried to speak w the vet (but could not) however tech says to bring him in at 11 am. Get there and say they can't take him until 2 pm?

What? In my mind, they caused the problem. Vet should hAve known not to give a vaccine to a cat who had just been so ill. His immune system was overburdened.

I feel it was very irresponsible of her to not wait until he was stable for a longer period of time.

You try and trust their judgment bc they are supposed to be the experts, but I shld have trusted my gut! Very upset.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Between vets, attorneys, auto repair, the government(taxes) and dentists, we are all going to go broke! Don't they realize that we only have so much money to go around?

We can only support a limited amount of scammers each. I can't!


but she was short on her production and really needed the money from the rabies vaccine to meet her production otherwise she will lose her job! you really saved the career of this vet so be proud of it.

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