Colorado Springs, Colorado

The wellness plan is a total rip off, you still get charged for office visits - more than you would anywhere else in the area. ($300 for routine shots with Banfields plan - it's $180 and the private vet in town) They will take your dog to weigh them, then do a toenail trim without asking and charge you $50 for it.

They will frequently cut though the entire quick and the dogs will walk out bleeding like crazy. They claimed he was fine and wouldn't put any quick clot or clean it. We had to go to the groomers to get help! The office staff is rude and doesn't care about the pets well being at all.

The vets are decent, but you never get to see them - only the front office staff and sometimes a vet tech. If you call to cancel your plan, they will charge you $800 to cancel - that's more than the entire year costs per their advertisements!

Even if your pet passes away they will still charge you the cancelation. They are heartless and if you care about your pet you should stay far away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Overcharging for services, Exploitation of services, Staff attitude, Exploitation of finances, Kill a pet, Hurt a pet, Mean to pet.

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Banfield is not heartless, if you want to be upset be upset at the corporate office, they can not change the corporate policy from location to location, just like all of us, they are constrained by the wills of their bosses, and could lose their job if they do not follow the policy. Get that through your head and stop blaming the location.


Yes, it is really professional to refuse to stop bleeding they caused. Whatever.

Banfield is a ripoff, and inept, uncaring! They almost killed my cat!

I got better advice from a shelter vet and the visit was cheaper also. How you all sleep at night is beyond me.