My 12 year old doxie passed away while in their care. I feel it was his time.

When told of his passing, the vet was cold and uncaring. I was not able to hold him one last time or say good bye and tell him how much I loved him. I wanted and paid for his ashes to be returned to me. They were negligent and told the crematorium not to keep them.

I will never let them touch any of my animals ever again.

All they want is the money. I will miss my beloved friend and companion forever.

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Swallownest, England, United Kingdom #27351

I'm so sorry..I would be livid.....It's unprofessional at the least....I wonder if you could sue?

Take Care....

Swallownest, England, United Kingdom #27350

I'm so sorry...I would be livid.....that's unprofessional at the least.....I wonder if you could sue??

Take Care...

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #26632

so sorry for your loss but that is not Banfield, that is facilities across the country and many times the creamatory error. I had that happen to my pup as well and it was at another facility.

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