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I started bringing my dog to Banfield in West Chester Ohio when he was only 6 weeks old. At 5 months old he developed a skin condition.

I conintued with Banfield and the Vets came and went.I followed all recommedations and treatments. Finally told to go to a Canine dermetologist. Which I followed faithfully by the letter for months and months. Almost 5000.00 dollars later much going to banfield I made the decision to put my lovely dog to sleep, When we arrived at our appointment we were told to bring the dog to the back door, We stood in the heat for over twenty minutes, Eventually hearded into the store to wait to be put in a room , anouther 10 minutes.

Finally a very young Vet who I saw eating twizzlers and laughing with her assistant came into the room and said she reviewed all the medical records as well as the dermatologists records. She looked me in the eyes as I was histarically crying and told me that I had not done enough for my dog and that she could not sleep at night knowing she put my dog to sleep with out examining him and testing him for herself. All my tears and begging to put the dog out of his pain only lead to her rolling her eyes and telling me she would work me up a estimate for treatment she thought was appropriate, Treatment that 4 vets and a specialist apparently missed. obviously pissed I left the store, was told I could not leave out the back door and had to walk around the entire shopping center to get to the back with my ill dog in the heat.

Not before they chased after me wanting the money for the visit. Banfield is after your money and does not give a *** about your beloved pet.....West Chester Ohio

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One thing I want to know is if the vet is experienced how could they not know what is going on? I think they just suck you dry and still not tell you what is wrong. I am in the middle of the process now.

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