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I called to get a copy of vaccine records.I was on hold for 11 minutes and 35 seconds.

When the receptionist finally came on, she said - I'll check and if I have them, I'll print it out for you to pick up. If you have them? After 11 minutes? I asked her if she could please check now, I really needed them.

She sighed, put me back on hold, came back on said - I'll print them out, thanks bye - and hung up! I was speechless. I haven't been to Banfield for quite some time.

This type of behavior is the reason I switched to our local veterinarian hospital - more expensive but I never leave there angry and when I call they remember my pups!This is certainly a "Buyer Beware!"

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Actually, just because there is a policy, does not mean all banfields actually FOLLOW the policy.I too work at Banfield and have been caught up in answer/hold regimine every 30 seconds during very busy times.

It took listening to our recorded phone calls to really realize what we are doing and kick myself in the butt to change that for the better for myself and my employees.

I suggest NOT calling a client a Liar unless you have the recorded phone call of that particular client.

And even at that, you should not use those terms.I suggest some more Client handling training if you plan on responding to clients outside the clinic.


I've been disconnected by them.I called when my cat got sick, they put me on hold and after about a minute on hold, it disconnected.

I was mad as it was a serious issue my cat was having, but stayed calm, as it could have been an accident.Still though, I'm mad at banfield about other issues...


I have never had to hold too long.The staff is very courteous and attentative to my needs.

Banfield is paperless, so all they have to do is type in your info and everything is printed.Here in Tampa, FL is that way.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil #34101

I have to agree with the response, I have never been on hold for longer that 30-35 seconds


I work at Banfield, and we have a policy that we have to answer the phone every 30 secods when someone is on hold. You are aliar!

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