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On Friday, I walked in for my 5:30pm appointment at 5:11pm, and this little girl with piercings all over her face and tattoos said "I don't know why you came so early but I'm not checking you in until your appointment time". I figured they were busy and stressed so I sat down and enjoyed my howling puppy. Then I watched her play with her nails and gossip with other employees as me and another family and pet waited with both exam rooms wide open. At 5:31pm, the little girl said "I'm leaving, I don't know why the 5:30pmappointment is here extremely early" very snarkly while making a face to the young man in scrubs (vet tech) and walked out.

I then sat in the waiting room until 5:42pm, when the young man said, I'm sorry have you been checked in? I explained that I had been there 30 minutes and the nasty young lady said she would check me in and I guess she was too busy gossiping with you? He instantly apologized but then had about 5 minutes of questions that needed to be filled out (WHICH IS WHY I ARRIVED EARLY FOR MY APPOINtMENT). I then handed him the sheet with all the shots my puppy had from the humane society, and he must have not even read it, because he then told me I would need about double the services I actually did, as the humane society had literally done them two weeks before and he was only up for one vaccine.

I have 2 pets on pet plans for over 4 years (Thousands of dollars spent with Bainfield) and was about to start my puppy on a 3rd. But between that horrific lady you at the front desk, who they felt was ideal for literally the busiest time of day and the technician, who, if I had not been paying attention, might have hurt my puppy giving him more vaccines than he needed and who would have ended up charging me for services I did not need, I am mortified.

4 years I have been with Banfield and since APRIL, their staff and service has been disgusting. I rather pay full price for all my dogs services than cut corners with their *** service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Staff lying, Staff with attitude, Wait time, Didnt value long term customer.

  • horrible staff
  • veterinary
  • Veterinarian Services
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  • Ridiculous Wait
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I think she was referring to the awful way she was treated by the employees at this Banfield. Why would you want to take your pet somewhere in which you are treated rudely?

How can you trust rude people to give quality care?

You cannot. She will hopefully find a vet office that actually values customer services.


Just a FYI, some vets don't accept vaccines from shelters or humane societies. Especially if they weren't given by a vet


100% this. Vaccines NOT given by a vet are a liability risk and not accepted by most hospitals.

Too many quacks & uneducated breeders out there give ineffective 1/2 doses, give vaccines at inappropriate intervals or use expired vaccines or vaccines that aren't stored properly.

The ONLY way a vet can be sure that a vaccine has been given according to industry regulations is if they can verify that a veterinary profession gave it...........because vets/LVT's could loose their license if they give a vaccine inappropriately.

None of the hospitals I have ever worked at (~4 in my 10 year career) have ever accepted vaccines not given by a vet or a licenced vet tech.

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