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I used First Shield today on my 29lb puggle.She within 10 minutes starting acting funny.

She became very anxious and winning within 30 minutes. At 45 minutes I bathed her and washed it off! To my shock it burnt her hair the tub was filled to the point the drain clogged. I reported the problem to the vet and to First Shield as well.

Banfield was concerned and helped appropriately. First Shield seemed more concerned with telling me over and over that the EPA passed their product. When I told them there were a lot of complaints about it on the banfield site alone they did not care. Called the EPA too.

To protect our pets report the problem don't just post it here! As far as Banfield I love them! Freya had no ear drums due to improper treatment at our old vet.

She now after months of loving care has both back intact!Thanks!

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Used First Shield on my Yorkie; within 6 hours she began to have uncontrollable spasmodic movements of her entire body; called Banfield, they said to call First Shield's Hot Line.I did, left a message to call me, they never have.

I finally gave my pet a muscle relaxant I found in the house and she stopped spasming.

I bathed her and continued the muscle relaxant; after 2 days she was OK.I will never use First Shield again and I will tell everyone I know who has a pet my experience.


Used first shield trio on my 3yr old Cocker Spaniel.Next day i noticed big wet looking spot on his back.

I looked closely and it was a big bloody looking blister!It's very painful for him and he will lose his hair in that spot.

It's so aweful to see him suffer like that.I feel first shield should reimburst me for the the meds, hospital visits and all my charges that occured from the results of their product!

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