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If I could I would give them zero stars, my dog sadly had to be put to sleep a few days ago due to a rare form of cancer that was found. Banfield was our primary care doctor for our dog and they did not detect the cancer nor did they do anything at all for him being ill all the countless amount of times we've taken him.

He sadly began presenting many abnormal signs that a dog does not normally do so we became alarmed and took him to our closest banfield hospital. They had him from 9:30-12:45 and did nothing but draw blood meanwhile my dog was extremely ill. They told me to take him to a 24 hour hospital rather than keep him there and when they handed me him I immediately noticed something strange with his eyes. As soon as we arrived to the 24 hour animal hospital they told us that he had turned blind.

My dog turned blind under the supervision and care of banfield and they did nothing about it!!!!! They did not even tell us, they truly are the worse animal hospital ever. Please do not bring your animal there. They are more concerned about your money rather than the care for your animal.

My dog was neglected by them, there services are the worst. My family is truly devasted for the tragic loss of our pet but we are at peace that he is no long suffering. Our anger and frustration is with banfield animal hospital due to there lack of care and sensitivity towards our fellow animals. I am truly baffled and in shock with there poor services and there lack of attention to my poor dog who was suffering all these years and they did nothing to help.

Please be aware and do not go to any banfield hospitals! When I called the doctor at the banfield location the next day prior to putting him down, the doctor had the nerve to read me the report from the 24 hour animal hospital and tell me that she had told me this when I picked my dog up from them! Which all was a lie, she did not tell me anything at all besides the fact that there were some abnormalities with his blood and that he was dehydrated and she had felt something abnormal within his abdomin that he more than likely would have to stay at a 24 hour animal hospital for a day to get rehydrated. Not once did she mention how severely ill my dog was and did not mention he was blind.

This pains me to know that under there supervision and so called care he was only suffering more and progressively getting worse and they did not a single thing at all about it. When I asked her why she didn't tell me she said it was because they had performed a check up on him about 2 hours before they told me I could pick him up and he did not appear blind at that time. This situation in all is so frustrating and truly devesating for my family.

I don't understand there lack of care towards the animals that go there, what's the point in being an animal hospital if you can not properly care for ill animals? Please do not take your animals to any banfield hospitals!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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