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Like most of you, we got roped in by their "wellness plans" to save some money while still getting good vet care. Or so we thought.

The first incident happend when we brought our cocker spaniel mix in to be spayed. I got a call a few hours after I dropped her off saying that she had, and I quote, "blown up like a blowfish". When we went to go pick her up the "vet" came in to talk to us. She said, and I quote again, "We may have given her too much of a medication and she had a reaction to it. We dont know if she is allergic to the medication itself, or if she was just given too much of it".

Now I know what your thinking- what vet would say something like that?? And I couldnt believe my ears as she was talking.

Next. My pitbull got mange (demodex) and was put on Ivermectin. They wanted more than 30 DOLLLARS for a few oz of the liquid (that i was going to have to come back and buy more of at the same rate). I was later talking to a friend, who told me I could buy 30oz bottles for that, and it would last him forever. (She was the founder of a dog rescue, and had these things on hand) I went to pick a bottle of it up and called the vet to double check that it was the same stuff they were giving me because on the box it said for cattle and swine only, may cause death in dogs. I called them, and they said no, its not the same stuff, and I would have to continue buying the ivermectin from them. A week later, i was taking a foster dog to the vet and asked her about the situation. I was told that Ivermectin is Ivermectin. Its all made for cattle, thats why dogs get such a small amount of it, and I could give my dog the medications that i had gotten from my friend. When I called banfield back later that day, they denied ever telling me that I couldnt give the medication to my dog.

On to the next. I had my pitbull on BLUE dog food, but it was getting to expensive, so I switched him to Royal Canin. I didnt want him to stop getting the fish oil, so i bought him pills. I asked the VA how many mgs to give him and how often. She told me 800-900mgs a week. And thats all she said. Not too long after that, he started having really bad loose stool. So i brought him in, and they didnt find anything. 2 weeks later, he is still having loose stool, and he had started having pain in his ears. So i took him back. Still couldnt find a reason for the loose stool, and they VA that looked at his ears said he was fine, they just needed to be cleaned, so she sent me home with wipes.

The next week, my dog is sitting at my feet whimpering. Kinda like a new puppy would whimper if he wanted out of his kennel at night. Now im not a vet, but he obviously has an ear infection.

I called to make yet another appointment, and double checked the amt of fish oil to be giving him. This time, I was not asked how many mgs were in each pill. All i was told was one pill a week. If its too much, he'll have loose stool.


Idiots. Money grubbing, medication pushing, IDIOTS!

Im getting a layer, and getting out of this contract. Im not suing for money. All I want is to be able to take my animals to a REAL vet. Where problems are fixed the FIRST visit. And ARENT created in the first place by the clinic themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Now I can understand if she simply had a reaction. What really pissed me of was that she said she didn't know if my dog had been givin too much of the medication.

"We may have given her too much of a medication and she had a reaction to it. We dont know if she is allergic to the medication itself, or if she was just given too much of it".

When a Vet states that they arent sure how much she was given, and that the reaction may be bc of an over dose, it scares me.


It looks like you just had a bad experience. There are a lot of medications that say one the bottle "for swine/cattle/horses" or whatever, but are used in the small animal vet industry. I'm sure that your vet could have written a prescription for the ivermectin if you wanted to get it cheaper somewhere else. My banfield vet will write my dogs a prescription if I ask for one.

Your poor cocker spaniel! Unfortunately, some dogs have allergic reactions. Who knows why? Same reason that humans do sometimes, I guess. The vet doesn't sound like they're at fault for that one, because she couldn't see into her crystal ball to see whether or not your dog would have been allergic to the medicine or not.

Hopefully you will find a vet that you like. But not all banfields are the is a corporate hospital, but ultimately you're dealing with whichever doctor is there.


Maybe you should also do some research.

Ivermectin is made for cattle and swine.

But lower dosages are used to treat mange in dogs. Its all the same thing. Call your vet and ask if you'd like.

They dont make ivermectin specifically for dogs. Banfield confirmed this with me when I called back to ask why 2 other vets in the area confirmed that all Ivermectin is the same thing. And NOT worth 40 bucks for a few oz.


To Alyssa:

It sounds like your cocker spaniel had an allergic reaction to the medicine, and that's nobody's fault - it's just the genetics of your dog. Some dogs need to be pre-medicated with something to inhibit an allergic reaction... it just happens.

Also, why would you take advice from somebody who uses medicine that SAYS ON THE BOTTLE "for cattle and swine only." In the animal business field, it is pretty widely known that people that work for rescue or adoption agencies are not spending a lot of money using higher quality treatments because they have to treat so many animals. I am not saying this of all, but the ones that I've come in contact with, I'd say 8/10. They vet is charging you more because it is different from the generic, and actually MEANT FOR A DOG.

Geez, don't blame so much on other people. It sounds like you should just do a little more research and spare yourself the trouble.


To ??:

You are a complete ***. Anybody that knows ANYTHING would know that if a company can call itself Banfield: The Pet Hospital, it would have licensed veterinarians.

Go throw yourself off a cliff, the world could benefit from less stupidity. :]


to Wow- way to coppy my comment.


how was this an insult to you again??

if you'd like to start a fight- im sure craigslist would be happy to have you.

obviously they are liscensed.

I doubt they meant they meant that statement litterally.

Are you a banfield vet? If so, trying to defend them on a site called pissedcomsumers,

probably isnt your best bet.


Im sure they are not meaning that they are not real vets literally. Obviously they are liscensed.

But if many of these vets were to act the same way in a private business, they'd go under. Corporate vets like Banfield are bad news. Im glad you've had good experiences, and Im glad your pets were never hurt. Nobody is insulting you or other vets, theres no need to take it personally.

If you'd like to start a fight, go to craigslist. And its not rediculous to avoid every banfield period. Life changing mistakes are made by banfield vets nation wide. Yes, they help some people.

No, not every one gets screwed over. But a majority of banfield customers do. And since they are corporate, nobody seems to care. They do nothing about the mistakes they've made or the unneccessary pain they've caused, whether it be as minor as an untreated ear infection, or as major as trying to "reset" a broken bone and not splinting it.

They want money, and that is all. Period.


I'm sorry that you have come into contact with a bad Banfield. I have been using my Banfield for years and have never had a problem with them.

My doctor has been working with the company for 15 years. The other two have been there for at least six. Each Banfield and ANY veterinarian has to have proof of their license that is govered by the State.

There are yearly checks, to insure said license is up to date.

Again, I'm sorry you had a bad expereience with a banfield, but it's ridiculous to assume EVERY VET at EVERY BANFIELD across the United States is 1) Terrible and 2) Not licensed. it is seriously an insult to people like myself, who have worked hard to attain that degree.


to really??

obviously you have never dealt with a Banfield before.


Im so sorry your poor dog had to go through that! Idk how these people have managed to get away with treating peoples pets, members of the family, like this for so long.

If corporate wont do anything about this, I will.

My husband is active duty military, and lawyers are free. I WILL NOT allow them to cause any more pain to my animals, plan or no plan.


Yes, the vets at Banfield are real vets. Banfield would have to be complete idiots to hire people who are not LEGALLY LICENSED. That is flat against the law, and quite an insult to the people who have gone $150K into debt achieving that degree.


One has to wonder after reading all the stupidity and negligence coming out of all locations if they are even real vets. And if you read my post from 06/21/2010 as well as two weeks prior.

You will find that not even corporate office gives a darn about all this. Long story short. My puppy had a type IV fracture that went completely undetected by a Banfield Vet. And suffered all night due to her not being able to find a splint.

She said the elbow was dislocated. I spent 398.22 there and another 350. the next day to find out it was fractured and the worst type of fracture possible. And although I was charged for a splint there was none under all the bandages.

This is why my 3 month old puppy screamed all night. Every time she moved so did the bone. And to think the humane society recommended them. I would be fined if my dog ran out of water on a hot day.

They can be negligent and its okay. I voiced my concerns to corporate but they said after investigating no wrong doing.

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