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I can think of any pros, sorry. The lie, cheat and steal. Know nothing about what the state requires or how to get a licence for you dog.

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I purchased a 12 week Collie from a well known breeder and she worked very hard to get all the duck in a row so she could be flown to me from MN to CA where I made the mistake of using Banfield.

They told me I had to have her re-vacinated which almost drove my little cotton ball crazy. She kept chewing on herself yet did not break the skin.

She had just been treated for worms, fleas and had all the normal shots and was in quarinteen for 12 months before she was sent.

Banfield gave her cortazone for the reaction and told me to give her benadryl which made absolutly no difference. Every time I would go in there I also was separated from my puppy and noticed she was loosing her ability to play and since she was facing anouther 12 weeks behind bars/fence we ran out of things to keep her mind stimulated. Her eyes got worse, the first wind storm made her so nervous I thought she was going to collaps and the last time I went in for what was to be her last shot she pullled so hard against me in front of the Petsmart that she got out of her leash.

It took several minutes for me to chase her down and once I went thorugh the long checkin process I required a vet be present and that I not be separated from my puppy.

Talk about attitude, they took it out on my dog and all of a sudden I was the bad guy for being late?

Who works for whom?

This was back in January of 19 and everytime I tried to contact the Manager I was either left on hold or they would screen the call and tell me she was at lunch, would call me back so on and xxxx xxx.

The last visit wa the deal breker when the vet could not or would not check her eyes beyond just looking at her from behind. They ramed a stool probe up her so hard she screamed and gave her a show with the thickest needle I ever saw without looking at her hands as she was too busy chewing me out.

Enter Cor[erate- It took me 8 months to reach the area manager as this Manager was even trying to dodge Corperate Calls when they had allready been warned what she dose.

We may be headed to court as I don’t want this to happen to anouther Pure Breed since they are mostly there for rescue pets with people with wealth guilt.

They are trained to act exactly they was the above posting reported.

It is sell, sell, sell and if you don’t drink the Koolaid they go ballistic.

They should be seriously be reviewed by the those responcable for allowing them to practice.

It is too bad for Petsmart as I can’t go into it with my dog that is more like a cat now.

Depressed, sleep[s most of the day, can’t see food in front of her nose yet has been genetically screened with multiple blood tests before being shiped and her behavior completly changed after getting revaccinated back to back and for a Sable or Rough Collie not to be an alpha in a dog park is unusual.

I still love her but this must stop.

No one at the dog park is in favor of Banfield’s contract for suckers.

My Breeder kept saying “they did what”?

They must be lining the pockets of someone to be able to pull this off with such an attitude that I had a fecal jar thrown at me and was told to do it myself next time.

I replied, there won’t be a next time and have had to babysit my pet every day until noon and then she goes to the park for several hours or she would just sit in the corner and stare like a cat.

She hasn’t even bloomed yet and they have ruined her life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Buy the gog back and refund the cost..

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Mean to pet, Veterinary.

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