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I am getting a collection bill for a service preformed by them a yr and a half ago.They fixed my female dog and did not stitch her up properly.

Her incision burst and so needed surgery to save her life. They are of course saving their butts and claiming I neglected my dog. When they had stitched her up she only had 2 stitches and glue. Also they forget that I am myself am a nurse so I would know how to take care of a surgery patient.

Please do not go to the Backfield in Mishawaka in Indiana.

The manager is the vets husband.You will not get anywhere

Review about: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $882.

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They almost killed my dog too!We took her in for a spay and got a call that she had, and i quote- "Blown up like a blowfish" when we got there, the vet came out to talk to us and said, and i quote again, "we may have given her too much of a medication and she had a reaction to it.

We arent sure if she is allergic to the medication itself, or if she was just given to much."

Im sorry... but that is NOT something I want to hear a vet say. They didnt charge us for anything, but I am getting a lawyer to get out of the contract with them.

Corporate vets are bad news.Their mind set is money money money.


I am not complaining about the optimal wellness plan. I am complaining about getting a bill for something they did to my dog and having to pay for a surgery to save her life after they caused the problem in the first place. I am not an ***!


They explain to you when you check out that if your pet dies then you are still responsible for the plan. How about you read something before you sign it next time. ***.


My cat died about a year ago..and I am STILL paying his Optimum Wellness Plan.

He died because of an illness he got after getting his kitten shots.


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