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I had the worst experience. My 3 month old kitten came in to get treatment, and they were trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

They said they think its one thing and then another thing, took a skin scraping (charged me for the scraping) and sent me home with drops... It got worse, so I brought her in and they took another skin scraping (they said the other sample was too early to tell, and charged me for the skin scraping) and said to keep using the drops and still wasn't sure what it was. She got so bad, this lesion grew all over her little body (huge circular gash)... I took her back and they said all the tests came back negative.

With this being said, all the doctors had seen her and they would see her without reading what was going on so I had explain the situation every single time I went in. They put her asleep, scraped the lesion off of her, took a sample, and then charged me for putting her down, the scraping (another one!) and the antibiotics from cutting it off of her. This poor three month old, four pound kitten is going through all of this pain, and I am getting charged over and over again for these negatives test and "guesses" they were making. Meanwhile, they told me the best way to go was to sign up for a plan and save all of this money.

So I signed up in panic since I was trying to save SOMETHING with all of these unnecessary charges. I finally saw a small ring developing on my back and she was STILL not getting better so I took her in again. I walk in and the first thing they said is the test is negative for everything...really? I have a ring on my back, its got to be ringworm.

So, they said to keep using the drops (which weren't working), and use the shampoo, and they said they had this pill but she is too little to cut up this pill for her to take.... Another week later, still not much has changed. I finally decided to take her to another vet (family owned on 66th). The vet took one look, took a skin scrap, looked at it right there, said he couldn't see anything but skin scrapings are highly ineffective so didn't charge me for it.

Moments later, he diagnosed her with ringworm (without showing my ring). They took the pill and diluted into liquid so my kitten could take it as droplets (that Banfield mentioned they couldn't give her, but she was too little). She was finally cleared up and healthy after a couple of days with the liquid. Her hair finally grew back.

I have called and called and called to NEVER visit there again and I would love to never give them a dime of my money. But they keep charging me every month.... cancel my plan!

I have already paid the difference on the "discount" they gave me. I would never ever take my animal there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Once you sign up for the Wellness plan you are obligated to pay for the plan whether you use all or only part of its medical coverage benefits. The Wellness plan can not be cancelled with out it being paid in full, nor does the Wellness plan contain any refund(s) for unused coverage an or services.

Sorry you're stuck paying off the entire Wellness plan amount in full and if you don't they will turn you over to a collection agency.


Even though they are so incompetent they cannot diagnose ring worm? I can diagnose ring worm, myself when my animals have had it in the past!

What moronic veterinarian does not test for mange and ring worm when fur begins to fall out? Why should you have to pay if they are not providing the services in the contract in a competent matter?


Yup. It's like a cellphone contract.

You signed that you would pay even if you gave away the pet, the pet dies etc etc.

It's a binding contract & very difficult to get out of without paying the full amount (source - I also tried to cancel mine). I took it as a reminder to thoroughly read what I sign in the future.