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Ladyscot, if you were not there maybe you should keep your comments to yourself, everything was told to the vet and he did not have a collapsed lung when we brought him there, your right something happened and we would like to know also, he was our baby, I find your comment rude and insulting!

Original review posted by user Jan 30, 2013

It was Sunday morning and we needed a vet asap my cat looked like he was dying, we went to Pet smart (Banfield Animal Hospital) Lady Lake, FL, My wife asked if there was an animal hospital local that was open on Sunday that we can take him to right away, Jill the Vet said no. I was prepared for the worse scenario, the vet came out looked at my cat, took a temp and his temp was very low, she then said he was severely dehydrated, she said sounds like he is diabetic and she needed to run blood work, and IV him with fluids, she gave us hope, I okay-ed the blood work and they told us to come back in an hour, I told my wife to prepare for the worst, I could just see it coming he was 12 yrs old.

When we arrived back the vet she said he will be fine he just needs to have 2 insulin shots per day, I asked are you sure, she said yes we will let him go home with you and you can bring him back tomorrow, (but if he acts strange tonight bring him to Buffalo Ridge they are open, she told my wife she didn't know of any other hospitals before they did the blood work, she lied,) and she said we will show you how to administer the insulin, my wife was relieved and happy, I still had my doubts, we got him home and gave him a bath right away because they put him in a cage for almost 5 hrs laying in his own urine, I kept watch on him for an hour and told my wife we need to take him to the animal hospital right away, his breathing was real bad, we took him Buffalo Ridge in the villages like the vet said. The staff there came out took his temp and said it was very low, said he was severely dehydrated and said it sounded like his lung collapsed, I told her where and what we did earlier and she said he should have been transferred to the hospital and never taken off the IV Fluids, she said we could pay thousands of dollars but there really was no hope for him, so we had to put him down and It broke our hearts due to the false hope Banfield gave us. The vet told us if we would have given him the insulin shot as instructed by Banfield Vet, my cat would have probably gone right into shock and died because he would not eat and they new this info. I talked to Kelly the Manager of Banfield about not charging us the bill due to neglect on there part and poor communications and the false hope they gave to us, and most of all what my poor cat had to go through, she said you signed the authorization paper now you have to pay, I then called corporate (Advocate team) and got a confirmation # 04169810 this was on Thursday still no call back.

Kelly from the Lady Lake store called me an left a message that they will take $80.00 off the bill, but if the balance is not paid right away they will put me in collections, It hasn't even been a week yet, so much for customer service, please if you love your animals like they are your kids do not go to Banfield.

One of the workers told me they are just money hungry, & in training. My next step is the Newspaper!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $285.

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I could not dissagree with you more, A couple of months ago my 11yr old german shepard was very ill I called the same banfield you speak of and told them my situation and that my dof could not walk they said to come right away and call when in the parking lot so I did and I was met at the front door by 2 tech's and the vet Jill they had a stretcher and helped me get my buddy in the exam room and after blood work and a x-ray Jill found a mass in his stomach and was perfectly honest with me and told me something was there but she did not have a MRI and could not be sure what it was but the blood work showed something as well, Jill made several calls then suggested to rush him to U.F. small animal hospital in gainsville.

Which I did and When I got there they were waiting for me with a strecther and full team of vets because Jill had called and made all the arrangements while i was on my way.

To make a long story short Max's spline was infected and they had to do surgery to remove it and I was told Jill's actions probley saved my best friends life.. Big Thanks to banfield although I am very sorry for your loss........


Diagnosing an animal is not the easiest thing at all to do.T I am sure the vet had some good reasons to believe the cat was diabetic. To say she was out for your money is completely wrong.

People do not go through 8 tough years of schooling to only come out of vet school with such high amounts of student loans and be paid nothing in comparision to a human doctor because they are greedy. Its because they love animals and I am sure the vet did truly care about your animal. We are humans after all and sometimes are judgment is not always right but after all an animal cannot talk and vets can only go off of what you say to them.

Don't be too hard on this vet. I am also sorry for the loss of your furry family member.


I'm really sick of hearing about this student loan *** and how vets aren't greedy. If you're going to be miserable over money throughout your career then you should have choose a different profession. They knew what they were getting into and now most act as if it's a big surprise using it as an excuse for every outrageous bill!


My deepest apologies. I have never posted a complaint on this site but I love to try and beat down those you have and other commenters. I am old and don't work and this is all I have to do all day, please forgive my foolishness I am a pathetic old hag.


Haha....I have an impersonator. Are you from My3cents?


No I was not there, but YOU posted this on the internet, and like the doctor, I only went by what YOU told everyone on the internet.


Vets are like doctors, they can not read your mind. They go by what YOU tell them, and since the animal can not talk they test based on YOUR observations.

Now, explain WHAT caused your cat to have a collapsed lung? SOMETHING happened.

Perhaps had you given the first vet ALL the information a different outcome would have occurred. However, also remember that even in human medicine, opinions vary, and usually both are correct.

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