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Banfield Hospital at mckellip's and Power Road in Mesa Killed my 6year old maltese due to dental Surgery, She suffered so! they kept telling me she would get better for 2 week's when this was a cruceall time and something should have been done they were totall neglectfull , I will never get over this i am a broken persom because of this and part of my heart is burried with my little Bellabambina.

She suffered for the whole month of June 20010. Nothing can be done now ,because she died in my arm's. But I am telling every one to boycott Banfield hospital, they let a little thing like money stand in the way of getting her better, I used every avaiable credit I had to try to get her better . One Doctor even told me she wasn;t in pain, and she certainley was.

Even when they hydrated her they did it in a hurried way, putting a sack of water under her skin. I think they ruputered someting with that trac tube and poison set in. Yhey werwe so neglectlefull. I hater them for what they did to my beloved pet, I know there are some missspelled word's but I don't care right now.

I only care abnout my Dead Pet. Ameliavwaw

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WOW I can't believe the rude comments some of you people are posting towards this person who lost her dog. Have some compassion.

Banfield is like any other company it has some good vets and some bad but at the end of the day YES they are out for the almighty $$$ like every other business. When my cat was very sick and wasnt eating they told me she could stay overnight at a partner facility and be tube fed for $2200...WTF? luckily I was working with a nice vet who cared more about the cat than the $ and she made a phone call and was able to get me an overnight stay for less than $100. It wasn't tube feeding but it was 24hour nursing care with syringe feeding which IMO is less risky than sedating my cat to tube feed.

Big jump from $2200 to less than $100 all because htis vet chose to use her heart over Banfield's sales tactics. As long as this vet coninues to work there I will still go there not because I love them and their prices but I love her and the way she cares for my cats :)


So far, you guys are all correct...IV vs Sub-Q: IV is more expensive, and sub-q is cheaper, but both are certainly better than trying to make a pet drink when it is unable to. My question is...why were fluids even necessary?

It seems your pet was dehydrated, and I don't think that can happen with a simple dental prophylaxis. Were you making sure your pet was even drinking?


IV fluids are faster, yes. IV fluids, no matter where you are, are also hella expensive, because it usually requires hospitalization.

Since she was on a budget, I'm going to assume they did the next best thing they could do. It's certainly more effective than telling the owner to "make sure the dog drinks" like I've seen some vets do.

What I'm assuming, and this may be COMPLETELY WRONG, is that she told the vets her budget, and they did what they could within those restraints. As I said, I might be completely wrong, but it would be a good and logical reason for putting fluids subq rather than IV.

Banfield P

We are very sorry to hear about the loss of your Pet. At Banfield we consider your Pet to be a part of our family, too. Please know that a representative from your local Banfield will be contacting you shortly to talk about what happened.


Hey Pfft.

"Even when they hydrated her they did it in a hurried way, putting a sack of water under her skin."

Yes, because that's actually the FASTEST way to get liquid into a dog's system.

I dont think so, IV fluids is much FASTER. It can take several hours before the fluid is absorbed under the skin. IV fluids effects are much more immediate than SQ fluids. Know what you are talking about before giving advice genius!!


So they are a business to make money. It is the OP that did not want to pay the vet.

Like someone said she cannot afford a pet so why have one. I think the OP is the one who is more concerned about money than her pet.

if money were the issue and they charge more than she should have gone to a cheaper place. No matter where the pet would have been treated it would still have died probably from a broken heart of having to go back to the owner.

Good response Kevin.


Obviously you did not live your pet that much if you did not want to pay her medical bills. You would rather let it die than pay the vet, so your own fault. The poor pet probably died because it had no will to live after going back to you.


You know what, Banfield has a really bad reputation so by slandering this person who is truly upset she lost her pet makes you people complete ***. Don't even try to defind Banfield they are money hungry company.

They charge more than any private vet clinc does and tries to convince people that they saving money when in actuality they are not.

So give this person a break, she lost a loved one. With some dogs are like children to some people.


sorry for your loss but you're absolutely ridiculous. what do you mean they "let a little thing like money get in the way" do you expect to get paid when you work?

why shouldnt they? plus this is a corporate company, they cant just give away treatment for free. they certainly did not kill your pet.

i am sure they did what they could to help your dog but if you can't afford a pet, don't have one. period.


"Even when they hydrated her they did it in a hurried way, putting a sack of water under her skin. "

Yes, because that's actually the FASTEST way to get liquid into a dog's system.

Most vet offices do this, not just Banfield. It wasn't neglectful, it was their job.


sorry about your loss, but life goes on. they did not kill her, she just died, and since it was in your arms maybe you did the killing.

just sell the dead pet to a chinese restrant and then when you eat their chicken surprise you can think of her. you obviously need the money since you could nt afford the medical treatment which would have saved her life, or maybe you saved it for something mroe important than bellabambia, like beer and playboys.

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