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My oldest cat was diagnosed with high blood pressure from a new vet that I had to take her to Because banfield stated to me that she had no pre existing conditions that was of concern to check her blood pressure 4th monitored on a regular basis keep in mind that she had hypothyroidism as well as kidney failure and most doctors will check and monitor blood pressure when they have these conditions. But the doctors at the band feel that I used to go to said there's no reason to test her and if we do take her blood pressure we have to charge you an extra 40 bucks really I took a for a second opinion and her blood pressure was 267 / 147. I was also told that she was blind and the doctor had no compassion or empathy and could not explain why or how she went blind because of the fact that she was never treated for high blood pressure because of their lack of knowledge experience and neglect

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am truly am very sorry for your loss. How many times was the blood pressure checked at the new vet?

Once? Most cats are extremely stressed out when they go to the vet. If your cat is stressed at the vet, taking the blood pressure is basically pointless. It will be high because they are stressed.

That being said, your cat was old, had kidney failure and had hypothyroidism (are you sure it wasn't herPERthyroid? Hypothyroid isn't common in cats, it is common in dogs) . I highly doubt that Banfield is at fault for your cats passing. & No, I do NOT work for Banfield.

I did, for 6yrs. I was actually fired for literal made up reasons all because the manager didn't like me. They lost clients when I left, the vets even said that I didnt do anything. So I definitely would not be sticking up for that company.

However, whether I hate a company / person or not, if they are being bashed for something they did not do, I will stand up for them. Nobody should be bashed for something they didn't do. Many people on here who claim a vet killed their pet, are actually wrong.

They are sad and upset due to their pets passing and are just looking for someone to blame. I understand that, but that doesn't make it okay.


I'm sorry that you lost your beloved pet. I lost my sweet miniature poodle after 14-1/2 years right before Christmas.

I know exactly how you must feel, but grief is bad enough without recriminations ; you won't be able to grieve properly with that issue hanging over your head. Sometimes even when we know exactly and correctly what the problem is, there's nothing we can do but commit them to the Lord ; I held her as she died.