Albuquerque, New Mexico

So I take my healthy bulldog to Banfield for his neutering surgery. Then the Dr calls me asking if it was okay to pay extra fees for extra anesthesia.

I was okay with it as long as he comes out of the surgery still healthy and well (I didn't know that so much anesthesia is dangerous for bulldogs; the Dr should have known). 20 minutes later I receive a call from her telling me that she has bad news and that he couldn't breathe during the surgery and so he passed away! I was in shock and couldn't believe that because it's supposed to be a really easy surgery! (I've never heard a dog that has passed away from a neutering surgery.) So I googled about anesthesia and found out that it is very dangerous for bulldogs to use extra anesthesia.

The Dr in Banfield should have known this information since bulldogs are very sensitive dogs!

I'm really mad at them and I would want to sue them for that! I took him to them healthy and happy and there was nothing wrong with him! They overdosed him with anesthesia!

I miss him sooo much! RIP Nacho xoxo

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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File a written complaint against Banfield with the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. (May be called something a little different in your state.) Call the Office of Consumer Protection or your Attorney Generals Office and ask where to file your complaint. Dont let them get away with their ignorance!


OMG that is horrible! I know how you feel because Banfield in Deptford, NJ KILLED my dog, Missy.

I created a website about it to tell her story.

( You should do the same.

File a complaint through the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in your state. Dont let them get away with it!

So sorry for your loss!


He was probably already dead before they called you to ask for more anastasia to put the decision for more In your lap I would sue


Why would you allow extra anesthesia anyways? That already sounded incredibly dangerous.


So you own a breed but don't know anything about it? Why not ask the Dr before agreeing to the surgery?

Instead if getting all angry without knowing the details ask to speak to the Dr to see what went wrong? 'Extra anesthesia' doesn't mean necessarily mean stronger anesthesia, it could mean different drugs were indicated basses on pre-anesthetic bloodwork, it could mean they kept the pet under longer (not stronger) to try and correct a problem that may or may not have been their fault. Get all the details then sit down & discuss with a medical professional to see exactly what happened/if anything could have been done differently.

Don't just place blame when you don't have all this info.

FYI it is company policy that all Banfield hospitals make you sign a consent form before surgery so you cannot sue if a pet has a reaction to anesthesia (source: I used to work for one).

@Tom. R

The person to blame is the vet, not the owner. The vet should be trained to know what type of anesthesia to use for what breed of dog.

The owner was trying to provide the care the moronic vet suggested. It is just disguising to try and make the owner feel bad.

Just like if your own doctor advises you on a in your health, most people assume the doctor is educated, and will know what he is talking about. To suggest differently is just callous, and makes you look like ***.

@Tom. R

It is NOT the owner's responsibility to know about the surgery, you ***! It is the vets job! Just proves how incompetent Banfield vets are!

@Tom. R

Yeah Tom R. That's why your a cold heart *** you know how Banfield operates but won't speak out against how they treat their customers dogs or cats. Shame on you!!!!!!!!