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Dozer who was a 6 month Old English Bulldogge. Our family pet.He was puking on a Friday night took him to Banfield on a Saturday charged me $140 to test him for parvo which came back positive :'(.

Vet said he was the best acting dog for having parvo bc he was still walking and acting silly that day. So i assumed he was in the early stage of having it. Well She told me there was nothing she could do "her hands were tied" We didn't have $1,000 right then and there for them to treat him for it. They knew with no treatment he would die.

Well Monday came and I got approved for Hope funds which means i would only pay 10% of the bill. My family and I were so happy he was finally getting help he began to get worse when Sunday and Monday came. So we Rushed back down to Banfield As Soon as we got back and My bf laid him on the table the vet listened to him and said his lungs were full of fluid and he's dying. I had to walk out of the room my bf asked if they would just put him to sleep so he wouldn't suffer.

I feel like if they would have just helped him that Saturday my baby would still be here today.

Oh and now they want me to pay $115 for a tiny bit of medicine that put my baby to sleep. I will never go there again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same thing here. My husbands cat was very sick.

It would be 1500 for an operation that was 50 50 chance he wouldn't make it. So he got so bad we he to put him down since there was nothing they could do besides the million tests they ran. Then they charged us for the remaining payments which we paid.

Now they don't show that payment in that system 2 years later and were in collections. They are seriously the worst ever!!!!


Of course you have to pay for the euthanasia.

When a vet performs a service, they need to be paid for it, no matter what service that is.

They euthanized your pup, which is providing a service, therefore they deserve to be paid for it.

Yes, they euthanized your pet but they didn't "kill" your dog in the sense you are talking about. YOU are the owner, not them.

Therefore YOU, as the owner are responsible for vet bills, especially when your pet is sick. It's not their fault that you didn't vaccinate your pet. It's not their fault that because you didn't vaccinate, your pet got a virus that is EASILY prevented with vacccines.

The cost of fully vaccinating your pet is cheaper than the vet bill that comes when your pet gets a disease that is prevented by vaccines.

I'm sorry for your loss. But maybe you should be financially stable enough for a pet BEFORE you get one.

Pets, especially new pups are expensive and they get sick easily. Now that you've had parvo in your home, you cannot have another puppy/dog there for at least 1yr.


Do you have any empathy? Jeez!

I am sure you work for that god forsaken company!

It to is disgusting in human and vet care that the only thing places like this care about is money! Obviously you fit right in with those thrives.


Empathy is free, sadly medical care is not. If ANY vet clinic, Banfield or otherwise, covered even a portion of the bill of all the people that 'can't pay' or will 'pay next week' or whatever else they say, they'd have to close their doors. Veterinarians did not adopt these dogs, the owners did, so funds are the owners responsibility.


For real. People need to get over their self-righteous entitlement & realize that vets are not charities, they have staff & bills to pay and cannot just give away of heavily discount services to the large number of people that don't plan ahead or have any kind of plan for what to do in an emergency or they wouldn't be able to pay their own bills or support their own families.

Also realize that if they aren't the owners of the practice they could be charged with theft or lose their jobs for giving away free things as owners normally regard that as 'theft of services'.

Someone owning a pet is THEIR OWN responsibility. Don't be a mooch & expect freebies and handouts from someone just trying to do their job & earn a living.

If you don't have much cash savings, or a credit card, or family/friends that you can ask for funds then be proactive and look into getting pet insurance.


Oh I have plenty of empathy. I don't work for Banfield, but I did for 6yrs.

The vets I worked with were absolutely amazing.

If vets treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford it, they wouldn't be able to stay in business. There's also no such thing as treating for free. If the money doesn't come from the owner, it has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is the vet/staff pockets, which is not fair to them.

You don't know me.

If you did, then you'd know that I am one of the most compassionate and empathetic people you'd ever meet.

When I left Banfield, I had numerous clients leave because I wasn't there anymore. I still keep in contact with alot of my clients from there and I haven't worked there for 6 months.

I met 2 different Banfield clients, at 2 different emergency hospitals (one was at 2am after I had gotten out of the ER myself ), even tho I no longer worked at Banfield, because they were worried about their pets.

I met a Banfield client at an emergency hospital, while I still worked at Banfield because she'd called to bring her dog in but unfortunately we were almost closing and at the time, we already had 2 emergencies there. I gave her my cell number to keep me updated and when I got off work (over an hour late because of the 2 emergencies that were already there) I went out of my way to meet the client who called at the emergency because she was freaking out. One of my doctors at Banfield took home numerous parvo pups and spent her own money and time getting them better.

She had the owners relinquish to her because they either couldn't afford hospitalization, didn't WANT to attempt home treatment and wanted to euthanize. She then spayed/neutered, vaccinated them, all on her dime (even tho she's a vet she still has to pay) and then found them good homes and didn't charge adoption fees. My other vet and I paid money out of our own pockets to help a 20yr old kid who's new pup got parvo because we wanted him to have a fighting chance. When I was just a receptionist, I had numerous clients ask me to be present when it was time to euthanize their pets because they knew I loved them like my own.

I brought home numerous kittens to foster who were dumped at the desk and then found them good homes after I paid out of my pocket to get them fixed, felv/fiv tested and vaccinated and then didn't charge an adoption fee. So PLEASE tell me again what a horrible person I am. Pets are a privilege, not a right. You decide to get a dog?

Then that's YOUR responsibility. Pets cost money, especially puppies.


How is this the in any way the vets fault????

YOU couldn't pay for treatment.....don't you have a credit card you could use? Don't you have a family member or friend who could have loaned you the money?

Why do you have a pet without having any savings to pay for vet care, that's just irresponsible.

YOU had a pet that obviously had not been fully vaccinated against Parvo (easily preventable with routine puppy vaccines).

Vets are not charities, they will not stay open if they give away free services, and it is VERY expensive to run a vet hospital (pay vet, techs, receptionists, building rent or mortgage, utilities, expensive equipment rental & maintenance, cost of medications stocked, workers comp & insurance costs, liability insurance. The list of their expenses goes on and on and on. They cannot afford to give away or heavily discount services for those that cannot pay...and I know from personally working at several hospitals that most don't offer payment plans anymore because too many people never come back & pay.

Unfortunately nowadays so many people don't seem to plan ahead so every day there are people asking/expecting free things.

Also - FYI - even if they had started treatment when you 1st took your pet in Parvo is still fatal about 50% of the time. This is why keeping your pet up to date on vaccines is so important.

This is very sad, but don't try to shift blame onto someone else. YOUR pet = YOUR financial responsibility.


Banfield did NOT kill your dog.

Parvo is deadly, sometimes even with treatment.

They go downhill extremely fast, especially without proper treatment.

His treatment was delayed because YOU, the owner of the dog, didn't have the funds.

Vets cannot treat for free. If they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford it, they wouldn't be able to stay in business.

There's actually no such thing as treating for free as the money has to come from somewhere and if it doesn't come from the owner, it comes from the vet staffs pockets. You have no idea how much money it costs to run a clinic.

Most vets don't do payment plans, especially if you aren't an established client, because people still didn't pay.

That's not fair to the vets and the staff. They have pets and families of their own to take care of and they deserve to be paid for services they performed. Again, it is not their fault. Your pet obviously wasn't fully vaccinated.

They need 3-4 rounds of the distemper/parvo vaccine every 3wks starting at 8wks old ending at 16-18wks old. They are not considered fully protected until 2wks after the last booster at 16-18wks. Therefore they should not go anywhere, not even your front yard. Just an FYI.

Now that you've had parvo in your home, you need to bleach inside and out, especially the soil. Parvo can live on surfaces inside for up to 6mo and it can live in dirt/soil for up to 7yrs. It's recommended to NOT bring another dog, especially a puppy who's not vaccinated into the home for at least 1yr. I'm sincerely sorry for your loss.

I really mean that But in no way shape or form is Banfield at fault here. People need to research before getting new pets. Especially puppies as they get sick very easily. You need to be financially ready for a new pet before getting one.

Especially with a brachycephalic breed like an English bulldog as that breed has a TON of health problems.

A friend of mine owns them and one of her dogs cost her $10,000 in medical bills in the first year of its life. You need to be able to afford basic vet care and have wiggle room for unexpected illnesses.

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