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Malti Po his name was pepper my best friend, I am disabled and on a fixed income so I joined this Banfield plan for 34.95 a month before bringing my dog to them he was fine not a thing wrong playful and his usual self the day after he started acting sluggish and he had a bad reaction to what ever they did to him I rushed him to emergency room and they got him stable and told me to go back to Banfield at 8 am well I left him for the day when I picked him up they said oh he just a little sleepy but he is fine again the same thing at 2 am Emergency Room Stablized him and said they don't have a clue what Banfields are doing if anything I brought him back to Banfields Hospital OH yah this is located on LITTLE ROAD NEXT TO TARGET IN THE PET SMART BUILDING NEW PORT RICHEY FL 34656


OH TO FROST IT ALL I CALLED THE MAIN OFFICE TO CANCEL THE PLAN THEY HAD THE NERVE TO SAY WELL you can not cancel so thats fine wait till they talk to a Judge I will keep paying because of my good credit but They will owe me two thousand and what ever a Judge decides.

I am putting them on channel 8 or 10 I am disable with a very bad heart and also cancer he was my best friend my pall all during the day until my wife who is a nurse came home. Some people say it's only a dog I say no he knew when I did not feel well and he would run about the yard when I felt good, They killed my best friend.

Just beware of these money machines and by the looks just on pissed consumer Banfield and Petsmart are not to good. I should have checked before hand I would not have them do nothing get a personal vet and Paws is reasonable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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To the person grieving the loss of their Chihuahua.

If a pet has heart failure (which it sounds like this one did from the brief Hx of pulmonary edema, murmur etc)them the treatments they gave sound medically appropriate. Any treatment, especially in advance heart disease carries some risk, but the certainty of death from doing nothing makes it a justified risk in many cases. Again, just like in people no pet reacts exactly the same to each medication so you pet may have had an unexpected poor reaction to the drugs they gave. Again though, both of these drugs are commonly used in pets with heart disease. It sounds like the vets were trying to start with basic stabilization but that it was not sufficient/your pet reacted unusually & required further, more advance care was needed but that this was beyond what you could afford. Unfortunatly just like in people heart disease requires extensive & expensive work-up so if you could not even afford stabilization of your pet how on earth do you think you would have been able to afford proper long-term care and monitoring (echocardiograms, consultations with cardiologists, expensive daily medications etc etc). The sad readily is most likely you would not be able to do any of this.

In cases where an owner cannot afford appropriate care or even to initially stabilize the pet the euthanizing it to prevent the pet suffering further is very very common.

I understand you are probably in shock at the sudden loss of your pet but it is pathetic to try & blame the people who were trying to help within the parameters of what your finances would allow them to do. If you had no/poor credit then you couldn't expect any vet to treat her for free. Vets are a business just like any other & almost no vets take 'payment plans' anymore because too many people lie & say they will pay them back then can't/won't so the Vets end up loosing money/not being able to pay employees/for medications & equipment/rent etc. In the end it was a combination of your pets underlying medical condition & your financial situation that determined the sad outcome. Come to terms with this & you will be a less bitter person.


I didn't qualify for the care card so that's just the end of my story, they twisted my arm said she had a broken rib from heart massage and I should put her down. I am a senior, and my 8 YO had a heart murmur.

Her lungs were filled with fluid. I took her in they gave her Lidocaine and Lasix IV then held her up by her back legs to shake fluid out. This caused trauma and her heart stopped. They asked if I wanted to revive her I said yes, they gave her heart massage and her EKG was fine.

She looked out of it when they posed her head to look at me. I talked to her with love said we were going home, and then they said she needed to go back on oxygen, this was the Lidocaine her entire body was numb she could breathe, they ran my credit I didn't qualify because I had no credit history, few minutes later they said I should put her down. This is murder. I am suing.

I have a BF that will take the case some attorneys won't. This is more than personal property limit of $5K. I have pain and suffering.

There were 3 vet techs and 2 DVM in the exam room which made it a tutorial. See my video on youtube Banfield killed my Chihuahua.

@Banfield ran my credit then ki

You can't sue for "pain and suffering" for the loss of an animal. Look it up.

The courts don't recognize it.

Also - do YOU have a veterinary license? Stop looking for someone to blame.


My toy maltese Lola died today at Banfield whdn shr went in for a routine teeth cleaning. The vet was a fill in and we were not told that our regular vet was our sick.

The fill in vet did not read her medical history therefore giving her a fatal sedative. They were heartless too when i went up there

Lola was a puppy mill rescue who was getting a 2nd chance at a happy like but Banfield took that away from her


Well they are heartless bunch and they had killed my dog with and over dose of something.. I would not send anyone who loves animals to that bunch of bastards

@Capt. Bob

it numbs the body all organs shut down.


pfizer Vangard Vaccines given on Saturday,

She died Monday... The three injections to my 11 pound, very healthy 21 month old Havanese, that I had for a total of 33 days, cost me $532 under the "Wellness plan", just opened for 20 days. costs were over $200.00!

So, now, for the 20 days of "plan" I will pay for a

YEAR? That puts the cost of owning this dog at over $1000.00 for 33 days! Wiped out my reserves!

Disabled Veteran Retired USAF Agent Orange Quad bypass survivor


It all depends on the vet on duty. banfield is only concerned about how much more money we can suck out of the owners at the dogs expense.

I to was in the same situation with Banfield recently.

I do thoughly believe the health care plans, they practically bend your arm to take, are a total come on. And yes they do force you to pay out a year on the plan, even if the animal passes away.

Banfield in Hempfield Twp - you suck


Banfields is operated by highly trained vets. They love them as their own.

When I had to put my baby of 15 years down because I could no longer carry her down the stairs, my vet cried right along with me. Normally they take the dog into the back to do the dirty deed but they knew that I wouldn't allow that so they let me hold her all the way thru till the last breath. I am very sorry you for your loss.

I do not believe it was anything Banfields did. May you find some comfort in knowing that your little Pepper is no longer suffering.


we have been in your shoes with Banfield I do feel your pain. We lost our baby Gabby 7 months ago due to their actions. Banfield has a facebook page if your on facebook you can post there to get the word out but you will only get in a couple posts before they block you.


I highly doubt any vet office is killing pets on purpose.


:( No they doing it for money double up to suck your wallet dry, they are the worst of the worst

@Meat Head

it is about the bill then more oxygen because the drug is impairing the lungs. Then when they do a credit check on you and you don't qualify, they kill your dog. Independently owned know I know who to serve court papers to.


I am so very incredibly sorry Mister1949. You have so much to deal with, and now you have this horrible heartbreak to go through.

Shame on Banfield, yet another victim of their incompetence and greed. I'm so very, very sorry. I wish to God there were no Banfields at all. Their wellness plan is nothing but a trap to get people to give them a more constant source of income.

You are correct to always go to a personal vet, preferrably one referred to you by friends and/or neighbors with long histories with their vets. I will pray for your broken heart and ask God to be with your beloved Pepper.

Lisa - you don't want to hear what I have to say to YOU!


Go after banfield. My dog almost died two weeks ago, they overdose her with vaccines.

They would not even listen to a word we tried to say to them!! Bandfield is nothing but a slaughter house for pets!!!


^^dont listen to the ***

Banfield P

Hi Mister 1949 – We are sorry about your family's loss of Pepper and we empathize with you during this difficult time. It is our understanding that the hospital has been in touch with you about this unfortunate situation and is continuing to work with you to provide a resolution. If you have additional concerns that have not yet been addressed, please reconnect with the hospital team directly. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

While Banfield and PetSmart do partner to deliver high quality veterinary care, goods and services, they are separately owned and operated. I am also passing this information along to PetSmart to make sure they are aware of your feedback.



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