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Here’s a sad story:

Whatever you get your dogs, cats out out out!! They almost killed my dog with the lack of knowledge of what signs of bruising and red spots where. They told me it was normal. I believed in them I trusted

My dog went into a major bleed. So I can get a little picture of how much blood she lost I’m 5’2 and was covered head to toe in blood. She has what you call immune mediated thrombocytopenia. Her platelets are destroying themselves. She had a 0 count of platelets when this happened. I trusted banfield, I trusted when they where telling me. They don’t car! I called for her shot records and they didn’t once say omg nothing they could have cared less. I finally got home with my dog as this happened on vacation she travels with me she’s a SD so she goes where I go. I went to pick up her records. They then tried to tell me they would mail them they tried to talk me out of my decision. Then the dr had the nerve to say to me well when you go the dr they make mistakes and you can’t always get an appointment. I brought up how it was difficult to always get her in to. I nearly flipped as my sweet Pixie is so sick and now worse off then she would have been if they cared for your dogs properly and knew what they where doing.

Get your animals out find a new vet, I’m not the only person who has said this I’m learning. My dogs name is Pixie and I’m sure a few of you around town have seen us, she’s a Great Dane. I have MS and she normally works by helping me not fall, get up off the floor, walk.

She can’t help me anymore at this time she may possibly never be able to all because of lack of knowledge and mine own trusted faith in them. I blame myself as it is so I know how it when you post on here. I’m not doing it to be mean but I’m writing this to help another family so they don’t go through such a hard time and know why the outcome is going to be — at Banfield Pet Hospital (Plainville, CT).

To top all this off they deleted some of my dogs records to hid there negligence! I have phone records etc, of the days of appts shame on them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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