I went because my dog I bought was not gaining weight. They told me i needed a bunch of test that cost $375, then the results came in they said my dog had a liver shunt, and needed surgery so i took my dog to the speacialist that they sent me to and he said the test where done wrong.

So I went to see another vet he also says they do need those test. So i go back and they refused to admit that it was done wrong even though i had a speacialist and another vet say it was wrong. So i paid 300 to the other vet who did the test and came back the dog was fine it needed a certain kind of antibiotic and is doing great to this day 4 years later thats not the only prob.

Ive had with them just the most expensive.

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Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States #20476

:eek you guys are lame. banfield tries the hardest towards treating your pet like family.

you dont see how busy things can get for them.

thats crazy i would like to see all of you people behind that counter talking to rude people all the time. even on the phones that are ringing off the *** hook!!!

Cedar Hill, Tennessee, United States #20306

So, you are angry that your vet is not perfect? Interesting...

Do you reserve the same anger for your human doctor when he/she is wrong?

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