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I got my dog the wellness plan when I first got him when they sold me on all the shots he needed as a puppy and his neutering and how much money it would save me. Then when the year was up they sold me on keeping it for his shots and incase he got sick and needed some test like fecal and blood work.

Well he got sick and I took him in his eyes had bad discharge around them and his stomach wasn't doing good(I could tell by the smells he was giving off) and he didn't want to play which is weird for a 1 1/2yo black lab. They wanted to do a $40 dye test/eye exam and then the meds would be $42 if its a bacteria infection which it was. Then they wanted to do a fecal and blood work test which is fine because its covered under his plan. He wound up with unbalanced enzymes in his stomach so the meds were $65.

When I went to pick him up the bill was $263? They charged me $120 for the blood work and when I said that's covered in his plan they said they used it in September during his checkup and you only get 1 with the plan. I asked why they did blood work its just a checkup he was healthy and blood work is not part of normal checkup. No one would agree to pay $120 for blood work on a checkup when their pet is healthy.

They said they do that when you have the plan to make sure he's healthy. They're crooked ripoff artist they sell you something then use it when it's not needed so you have to pay for it when it is needed DO NOT GO TO BANFIELD.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Exploitation of finances, Wasting a test to charge me again, Lied to about plan.

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When you go in for yearly check ups, do you have routine bloodwork? I sure as heck do.

The plans are preventive care plans. The bloodwork is preventive medicine to early catch diseases.


Ya.. That is why the idiot vets that work there continue to not catch major health issues. All Banfield is good for is {{Redacted}} people financially!

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