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I usually take my dog to the Countyside location, but due to a recent move, the Trinity location is much closer to me. Every time I have been to this location, I have waited over an hour to even be seen, even with an appointment.

(Whats the point of having an appointment? I understand things happen and come up, but its been every time!) My dog was finally seen after an hr of waiting. I dont remember the Dr's name, but he was bald. HORRIBLE!!

So impersonable!!! He would ask me a question, i would answer, then he ignored my response. No eye contact, and I felt a lack of care to help my dog! He seemed really uncomfortable with my dog and was not friendly at all.

He took foreverrrr to give my dog a simple exam for a sneeze/cough. This location is SO UNORGANIZED and UNFRIENDLY!! Will NEVER return to this location!! I will say, the only good thing about this visit is I got a discount for waiting for so long.

Not to mention, the Dr said he dosent know whats wrong with my dog and gave me some antiinflammatory pills for my dog, thanks for nothing/waste of my time. I was referred to Blue Pearl for an x-ray if he dosent get better in a week.

Reason of review: The doctor was VERY unhelpful and unfriendly!.

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Banfield usually has at least 4-5 vet staffed on a shift. An hour wait is a bit to long even if there was an emergency.

The normal routine exam time once the Doc gets into the room is usually 15-20 minutes. The only thing that really backs up actual scheduled appointments is when the front desk overbooks to many appointments within a certain block of time.

I've observed the front desk staff being overwhelmed with multitasking of phone calls, sign in's, taking clients to exam rooms, check out's, dispensing meds and payment processing to the point of being very disorganized. Its got to be a mentally exhausting.


I've worked in several Banfield hospitals and they only ever had 1-2 full time Dr's because the vets keep quitting because they get so overworked. These places seemed like vet sweat shops, scheduling each vet 30-40 appointments a day, and surgeries, often they got no break at all and worked 10-12 hours.

None of the good vets put up with the corporate interference for long before quitting.

They set them up to fail/upset owners by overscheduling them and not giving them enough time with each pet. It was horrible to work there


An hour is standard. How do you sleep at night?

I mean ripping people off for a living? Also, killing people pets and denying any responsibility?!