Tigard, Oregon

My dog was having a severe skin problem. I wouldn't refill her prescription without an appointment. I took her in and they wouldn't help her without charging me a HUGE amount of money. They wanted to charge me for things she didn't even need.

I had to agree to buy $250 in services in order to get any credit from them. They gave me a prescription that cost me $70.

It only helped for a small amount of time. Then they needed to see her again. This time I had the script written and took it to my local pharmacy which charged me $7 for the same thing. I will never go there again!! My dog is still having a problem.

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I am a Banfield corporate clone


I work at a vet clinic and people come in all the time wanting miracles for thier dog's skin problems. If you just treat the symptoms it will only come back, but people don't want to actually pay to find out whats going on.

Any good vet would want to see your pet again to reassess its skin. Thats called good medicine.

If the $250 is for care credit, that's just industry standard. If you didn't like it, you should have put it on a normal credit card.


im curious, wut drug was $70/$7?


consider going to a dermatologist imo

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