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I took my 16 year told white cat to banfield vet in San Leandro, Ca for a sore by his right eye.I thought it might have been a spider bit gone bad or he got in a fight.

we saw the vet, she said she need to do blood work and clean it up then sitch it closed. So i siad ok. $749 later I took him home. we gave him him meds and tryed to keep it clean.

but the sore was draining and not healing up . I took him back in after 2 weeks . and they sitched it up again, another $379. another week of meds and cleaning .

then took him in again to have sitches removed. then I was told the sitches didn't take , that it would have to heal on it's own. well, I took kitty home made him his own room and clean his sore every day for two weeks. It was not getting better.

Infection set in and he then couldn't eat or drink. At that point I decided it was time to take him in to put him to sleep. I didn't want to go back to Banfield. So I went to another vet, as soon as I got there, the vet said it was cancer.

It was not going to get better. She didn't do any tests, She said bandfield should have known it was cancer. she told me White cats are pron to get cancer. My cat went though *** , was in pain, and me making it worse by cleaning it.

I'm sure it was painful for him. He didn't have to go though all of that if the vets at banfield knew what thay were doing. I can't say who the vet was , but I will never take a animal there again. My cat was part of my family.

To know I put him though that much pain saddens me, when the vets at banfield should have known he had cancer.

How and why do they still have the vet license.Please if you love your pets do not take they to banfield.

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The 2nd vet you took your cat to sounds like an ***. There is NO way anyone can just look at a wound and tell if it's cancerous or not. That's just absurd.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Would you mind calling our client advocacy team to discuss this complaint?We'd like to speak with you directly about this to get more detail in the matter.

The number is 877-500-2288.Thank you.


You are an ***.

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