Salem, Oregon

I have had the most upsetting thing happen at the Salem Banfield Pet Hospital at Petsmart on Lancaster Salem Oregon. I scheduled my dog for a tooth extraction and the appointment was for 7:30am I got my dog at the appointed time and was told they would call with an estimate, I wait 3 and half hours and did not hear anything I went to the pharmacy to pick up my son's seizure medicine so in the span of 20 minutes I missed the call and I get a message "if you do not call us in the next 7 minutes we will not be able to do the procedure"?

I was never given a time frame when to be by the phone I had my phone with me but I was driving and I am a law abiding citizen so I do not answer my phone while driving. I was given flimsy excuses when I wanted to talk with the owner that he could not be reached until Thursday? Interesting I was only given 7 minutes to call them back but he gets 72 hours? I have contacted Banfield and Petsmart on the outrageous customer service I have ever been subjected to in a place that should be doing a better job since they are BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL the office manager and most of the nurses are condescending and the doctors act like they do not know what is going on.

I plan on taking my business else where since they think we are a number and not a person/pet. This is very upsetting on many levels but the worst part is my son has autism and a seizure disorder the dog is a service dog for him she helps him be calmer so he can have less seizures. I have been going to them for 5 1/2 years and every year the service has gone down hill. I was told I had to up my pet service plan to even do the procedure and then I was told it would cost triple what the estimate was, I had to sign a machine twice but I was never given what I signed.

When I requested a copy of the file and the x-ray a nurse was so rude and was quoting laws she had no business quoting since she did not know them or understand them she just kept repeating her self and then she said "I will go get the doctor since I am not good enough?" this is the type of customer service I have received the last 5 1/2 years. I waited once before for nearly 3 hours for a doctor to look at my dog's ears the previous time and when I asked why the wait was so long I was told "oh other dogs were more important and it was an emergency and we have to take care of our customers, like I was not a customer I reminded the nurse at the time I am a customer too and she gave me so much attitude her mother would have been embarrassed. I will find a new place to take my baby girl she deserves so much better then this. Banfield pet hospital should be embarrassed.

I will tell everyone I meet my story from now on... PS I could not pick up my dog until 5:00pm after everyone who had worked on her had left for the day, customers are not *** I know exactly why they told me to pick her up then so not COOL!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Whotta maroon


If this was my dog, I would be glad that they didn't wait on me to call back. I'm fairly paranoid about anesthesia.

I would rather them not pull anything than keep my pet under for 20 mins plus extraction time due to the risk. However, the service that you described was inexcusable. Nurses and doctors like these give all medical professions a bad reputation.

I don't blame you for going else where for better service. All clients should be treated with respect.

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