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My girlfriend recently had our dog examined at one of Banfield's offices in Oregon. She was charged over $320 for blood tests that I could have had performed at my vet for about $90!! The total bill, including the office visit was close to $400. A good example is that she was charged $66 for a heart worm test you can perfrom yourself for $5.

To put a prospective into the extent of Banfield's greed, my vet charged me but $278 to have my 13 year old german shepard operated on to remove three sizeable tumors from her chest. That price included all blood work, anesthesia, a day in the pet hospital, antibiotics, pain meds, and a teeth cleaning! And when my choc lab ate a rubber ball and had to have her stomach opened to remove the chunks (major surgery), the total cost including the two days in the pet hospital, anesthesia, blood work, x-rays, antibiotics and pain meds was just $412!!

My vet's office is not a small sole proprietor, nor located in some little outback community. In addition to the two full time vets, there are over a dozen techs and assistants.

Adding to the outrage, my girlfriend was offered the exact same Optimum Wellness Plan that Banfield's own website lists as costing $25 per month for $40 per month! Talk about deceptive advertising!

I.M.H.O, I would avoid Banfield at all costs. I am literally sick to my stomach at the clear abuse and overcharging that took place. Absolutely disgusted!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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VG - I work as a vet tech as well, the boxes of the 30 heartworm tests run about 150$ each (148.60 to be exact) and that comes to less than 5$ each. Also, 278$ is actually very reasonable for what they paid to have a dental w/ mass removals. Dentals at my hospital cost 150$ and that includes BW, all of the proper monitoring, dental xrays (which are not even capable at Banfields, yet they promote they do a full dental prophy), AND nail trims & anal glands.

Having a mass removal can be done while the technician is hand-scaling/probing the teeth (Wait, that's right, Banfield doctors don't care about doing the full-mouth exam. They just want to get them under, scale, polish and expect their technicians to do all of this in less that 30 minutes). Oh, and we have to be licensed through our state board to perform a dental, which, Banfield hires a lot of 'kids' that have absolutely NO veterinary experience and put a clip board in their hands and are told to monitor anesthesia. I worked for Banfield for 2 years before I was licensed. I had NO veterinary experience myself when I first started, but I had to monitor surgery and perform dentals....

Great care huh?


There is no way anyone can do a Heartworm test at home (unless they are a Vet or Vet Tech), and certainly not for $5!

Banfield P

Hi, ihaterippoffs –

Thanks for letting us know about you and your girlfriend's recent experience at our facility.

If you are willing, would you please consider contacting our Customer Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or cat(at)Banfield(dot)com? Your satisfaction and your dog’s health are of the utmost importance to us. We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager


This brings up a common misconception. A lot of people think that Banfield is more expensive, but in reality they aren't at all.

The tests and exam fees are actually very competitive with market values. It's their business practices (wellness plans, vaccine protocols, certain policies) that rip the consumer off. They are very competitive in terms of price for routine preventative care, but I would never take my pet there for a serious illness. A lot of the doctors don't seem to be good diagnosticians, but this will vary from location to location.

I must disagree with your price assessments. You cannot do a heartworm test for $5 at home. Drawing blood requires 2 people - one to draw and one to restrain. The heartworm test that they use is a SNAP test, which tests for heartworm antigens and is very accurate.

This test also tests for Lyme and ehrlichia. This test costs the hospital more than $5, plus the staff have to be paid as well. This is about market value, although it does vary. Also, I think you are not very aware of market value for veterinary services.

The prices you listed for your vet blew my mind. I have worked at 4 clinics (including a banfield) and have NEVER seen prices that low. It's shocking, really, that a clinic can do all those services for the prices indicated and stay in business. This brings up another point.

Anesthesia is NOT the same across clinics. Some only monitor pulse and heart rate while a pet is under, whereas others (like Banfield) monitors that as well as pulse oximetry, blood pressure, EKG, temperature, and Et CO2. Some clinics will have one person doing a dental and monitoring vitals at the same time, whereas others have 2 people. Also the wellness plans START at $25/mo, but go up depending on the level.

All in all, Banfield is a bad business who focuses too much on profit and nOt enough on client satisfaction, as well as taking advantage of employees.

HOWEVER, their prices are competitive with market value. In fact, the place I work for now is considerably more expensive.

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