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I never have been treated this such disrespect as I have each time I complained about the heartless way your company responded to my issue. Where is the management that lets my complaint be pushed through like I am less of a human for the fact that I can not afford treatment for my animal.

The empathy shown by your doctor was unbelievable. To be told systems that aren't the cause of my cat's health issue for the fact they never looked at her chart before coming to the conclusion that within the four months of her full blood urine and kidneys showed perfect health. Within no amount of time going by and she is in kidney failure and urinary tract infection. No compassion for my situation what so ever.

Mentioning of what I may have in my home that could of caused all this to occur. Only to turn the tables saying my animal is OLD and this just happens No One at fault.. Please tell me the precautions of medicine I gave to my already sick cat from infestation of fleas in our home so I pay hundred to be assured that the two cats that are my life are well and I should have not concerns. I tore my home top to bottom for what they say could be the source of her dying.

They immediate care I would have to pay 400.00 then and there to give her the chance she needs at this time. I question a medicine given to me by your company for a teeth cleaning they performed on my cat. Where does the information of what may be right or not right for my already I repeat sick cats that where taken to you for care and told PERFECT health. Only to finally hear from the doctor she is in kidney failure and she has tumors that she isn't even sure existed.

No test where performed to establish and of the things the doctor tried pointing out to me. Then to ask of the medicine as I myself Google, Bing, Yahoo multiple, multiple sites reading different things that the medicine could have as a side effect.. Each site placed a VERY IMPORTANT PRECAUTION DUE TO THAT PARTICULAR MEDICINE. To make sure to have your pets kidney liver and all around health check this may cause blockage of bladder and other internal health problem.

Just to be for my own personal understanding. The rudeness of your doctor and each of the people within your company is Utterly Shameful. To be told that I am wrong and she has been a vet for years and her other pets that receive this are just fine. The information on the multiple sites are WRONG AND FULL OF LIES.

Did I not read the little one side sheet that is prepackaged in the box with the medicine. She doesn't not believe this may of been worse for my already unhealthy cat for her own diabetic and other issues. Then told to consult to the original doctor I seen she can't answer my questions. Arguing and passing blame towards others that worked in your company.

Quote " I WAS NOT HERE THEN I WAS ON VACATION AND CAN NOT OFFER ME HELP IN THIS MATTER" pressing me to another personal manager there that day who is unaware of anything that has happened. Offer the your main office for my complaint but they're just going to transfer you back to our facility to resolve and obvious uncooperative doctor unwilling to hear any more nor explain and show me the little bit of compassion or respect when I told them I have congestive heart failure , my own heart is enlarge 80 percent I am disabled and do not receive the little nothing money until Monday can I place some payment to start some treatment. I do not have children an the care I take for my babies is more than anyone will ever know. To hear we can euthenics for less and I should place that on the table as a decision.

Fill out the credit care card even though each month you gladly with draw money from my account for not even seeing my cats for a program that with or without your wellness plan I can not even make a dent of the expensive fluids she would need that day. No like any such person from your company stays there to ensure anyone that you will do all you can to resuscitate and animal or offer assistance if by chance their breathing is constricted. I call to opt out of a program that must only be offered to individuals that care well of then someone begging for help that is receiving Government Assistance. I don't know who trained someone to treat me as a lesser person.

I just wanna THANK each one of you for sending me back to the same rude doctor and staff that honestly tossed me like rubbish. Not even listening to me of show me another option or book establishing that all the animals in the world are EXACTLY THE SAME.. Just as humans receiving medication are all the same no allergies, no illnesses, no undiscovered issues that JUST MAY not set in stone as she sternly voiced to me that I am not a vet so I shouldn't listen to what they post on the internet to help someone uneducated as herself she is the vet and has been for over 10yrs. I am a person not a mentally challenged individual as she let me know when she asked in response to the 20ml bottle 1ml twice a day.

"WELL WHAT WOULD THAT EQUAL OUT TOO" I never felt so low in my 40yrs of breathing on this earth. Could I tell her "What does the amount come out to in days" 1ml given 2 times a day with a 20ml bottle. Your company should know the real treatment of lower class social security paid money is put through. To constantly be belittled by someone smarter than myself.

I begged for her life and I felt like some spit in my face for no reason but I wasn't worth the breath... I can't get out of the program or I will owe your company more money but call back when my PRECIOUS BABY GIRL DIES than you can try to help me.. I am not even worth the time to no one just keep passing me to the same facility that spoke to me with such negitivity and utter disrespect. I maybe one person but my heart did not deserve to hurt with such pain.

My health means nothing to your company as my beloved baby girls health meant.. I will continue to find a way to get through to someone with the heart I fail to see in the doctor at your facility..

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Anyone that works with animals treats people who don't have too much money, and treat them like their dirt. I lost my dog over it, but mainly I lost her over some *** roommates, who I hope they die someday, and I took their dogs because they don't know how to take care of them.

I couldn't get mine back, because the shelter said "it's best she goes to someone else." I took it that they implied because I'm not rich.

Apparently in this world you have to be rich to do anything. Even if someone is working hard for what they have. I'm sorry for your loss of your cat, but I wouldn't go to that hospital as I've seen plenty of reviews about them.

A small vet or something around town would be best in my opinion.

I've heard of pet insurance, but everything thinks it's only if your pet is sick. Not true, some insurance can cover surgery, hereditary illness, etc.

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