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My complaint consist of two problems.Banfield was provided a copy of my pet's shot records including up to date rabies shot yet, the veterinarian injected my pet again for rabies.

My animal became very ill and I didn't realize it until I re-evaluated his shot and medical records. When I requested an explanation the vet wasn't available and did not contact me until three days later.

I was treated very poorly by the staff which were sarcastic and borderline discriminating.I am very displease with Banfield and how my pet and I were treated and I am obtaining legal advise on the issues.

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Took my my two bassets to Banfield in Winchester Va.They were given vaccines they didnt need even as I protested, and then I was told since I didnt appreciate the professional opinion of the vet, he was cancelling my enrollment in the wellness program and my bill was $926.38!

Had to pay or they would have me locked up and keep my dogs!

BEWARE!!!The whole corporation is a scam!!


@Tasha...what kind of response is that?!

She stated that she called after her dog was ill, and requested WHY it was given ANOTHER rabies vaccine. The dog can not speak for itself, so I think I would be a little pissy after being treated very poorly by the staff which were sarcastic and borderline discriminating. And some staff can be...

i think its part of training to put the clients off.I have had issues with new employees.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173248

Sounds like you are more concerned about how you were treated than how ill your pet was.

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