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I brought my cat of 15 years to your establishment the beginning of October because I noticed she wasn’t eating and she kept pawing at her mouth. As a concerned pet owner I brought her there where she was seen by Dr. Reed whom told me to treat her with Clavamox for about 7 days. She also noticed she had a heart murmur and because of that Aurora, my cat would not be able to have any type of procedure/surgery because she could die. She said the only thing I could do to keep her alive longer would to give her antibiotics. Very upset I didn’t know any better so I believed in what she said and hoped that this would work. I gave her the Clavamax as required every 12 hours. Doing some research I felt as though that was not the correct antibiotic she should be on since Dr. Reed believed it to be an abscess or even tumor. I called back to make an appointment because she wasn’t getting better and asked to see a different vet for a 2nd opinion. Dr. Howard looked at her and put her on Clamadyicin which I was glad to see since she was suffering from periodontal disease. He also gave her malvonix for the inflammation and the pain. This abscess/growth was growing rapidly and he told us that we should bring her in within 2 weeks for surgery of the “abscess”. I asked him what grade her heart murmur was since Dr. Reed didn’t think it was a good idea to perform a procedure. He told me it was moderate but there could always be complications with surgery. I told him I wanted him to do the procedure because I felt more comfortable with him and he seemed much more knowledgeable. At this point I felt that Aurora was getting the proper care and that she would get some relief.

I brought her back Friday, October 11, 2013 at 7:30a.m. where the receptionist, Lindsey went over costs. I asked Lindsey to explain the procedure. Obviously dollar signs is all this place cares about. I explained that I didn’t want any extractions or other procedures without a phone call and that Aurora was going to be treated for what we all thought was going to be an abscess. I received a phone call asking me if they could take a biopsy of the area. I told them that was fine. I was told I could pick her up around 3p.m. When I picked her up my boyfriend and I were disappointed to find out that all they did was clean my 15 year old cat’s teeth, creating more pain and take a biopsy which I allowed. Dr. Short came out to explain to me the procedure and what she found. I asked to speak with Dr. Howard and told him I thought that he was going to perform the procedure. He said he looked in but there wasn’t anything that he could really do. He told me that it wasn’t my fault nor there’s. I understand that he may be leaving the practice but his ethics as a veterinarian are inexcusable along with the rest of the staff. He as well as the rest of the staff are a poor representation of Pet Smart and any affiliation that Benfield has with it. Over $800 later of them doing nothing but create more pain for my cat I sadly had to put her down.

The point is not the money but the inexcusable actions Banfield played. Dr. Howard said after the procedure that it wasn’t something that they could handle. So why go ahead and put my cat thru unnecessary pain. I love my cat and I will make sure that Banfield NEVER touches another animal again unless you have knowledgeable and a well-educated staff. I will be sending my letter to the BBB,, and every family and friend I know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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It is quite odd how Dr. Howard was the vet you trusted (you were more comfortable with him and he was more knowledgeable) and then, all of a sudden, the vet you blame for everything because he didn't do the procedure.

You can't mandate that a certain doctor perform a procedure despite your alleged request.

The cat wasn't eating, had periodontal disease, had a heart murmur, and I find it quite strange that you don't provide the result of the biopsy in your rant (as I'm sure it showed that you cat had cancer). Tell the whole story or just don't speak.

Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - Thank you very much for bringing this situation to our attention, and we are very sorry about the loss of Aurora.

After reading your review, we are hoping that you see fit to reach out to our Client Advocate Team so we can look into this situation further. Please do so by calling 877-500-2288 or emailing cat(at)banfield(dot)com. Again, we are deeply sorry for your loss and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


If you really want to get their attention then complain to the state veterinary board as well.


I just want to say for now I work for Banfield, I have seen so many horrible things happen to animals by the vet's and "nurses" if I ever get the chance to testify against this establishment I will, if I ever thought anyone I paid money to would treat my baby like this I would prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.


You know what your post makes you? An accessory.

If you know something bad is happening, and you do not report it, you are just as guilty.

I have used Banfield and never had anything but great service and care for my animals.


Good for you, they killed my dog. Hope yours doesn't die!


You claim they are educated....where did you obtain your veterinary education? "You researched" and found they gave you the wrong antibiotic?

Wrong. There are more than one antibiotics that work for the same infections. They prescribed the one they felt was best for your cat. They did not want to do a surgery that would harm your cat.

Obviously if they are removing an abscess tooth they have to do an extraction. If that surgical procedure will cause your animal to have a heart attack they are right to refuse. And here you are slamming their reputation for not telling you what you wanted to hear. I would rather my vet not do a surgery she is uncomfortable performing, than to do it and my dog die.

YOU chose to put your cat down for an infected tooth.

Shame on you. Period.


Read carefully - the abscess was on the mouth, not the tooth. Sometimes euthanizing an animal is the humane thing to do.

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