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There is a Veterinarian that owns a Banfield practice in Manahawkin, NJ that has conducted unprofessional, unethical and poor care of patient records. He deliberately,maliciously, publicly,carelessly,& recklessly transferred client records to a former business partner unsecured in Petsmart shopping carts and pushed them outside onto the storefront curb.

In that cart were approx. 700 patient records,x-rays with personal information.

How disgraceful that Veterinarian and staff behaved with no regard to all those people that have entrusted the care of their pets and personal information to him. What happened the to Veterinary Oath that he is to uphold?

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Um, Banfields records are electronic, paperless.


angiebaby, putting the records in a box would have made no difference here. So the boxes would have been put in the shopping cart to get them to the doctors car.

Maybe the doctor who was getting the record s should have been responsible for bringing the boxes. It sounds like maybe they were the docor's records anyway and he/she should have thought to bring some sort of transport for the records. Well, Angiebaby, I will not respond anymore. I suggest you move on too.

There seems to be more to this story than both of us really know. . Which doctor was at fault? Maybe neither of them,.

This website seems to be a *** session anyway with mostly one sided stories which are probably exaggerated. Also, the comment that one person;'s opinion was decided on a eye witnesss that was an ex-cop, I believe this because all policemen are always honest!!(HA HA)


steve k, we all have the right to freedom of opinion, but there is a store called staples and they have boxes, or for FREE you can go to local supermarkets or other stores and request boxes that are being discarded. Better yet I am sure a banfield attached to a petsmart that gets lots of shipments get boxes for FREE why not use them..

So to respond to your remark steve k loading MEDICAL RECORDS of any kind that have very personal information into shopping carts is NEVER EXCUSABLE!!!!!!

I am sure that organizations that are for animal rights found out about such behavior would not take to kindly by what act has been done... Who knows maybe I am one of these animal rights people so that would make it my business..


Angiebaby, I have to think, that you comments are a lilttle inane since you were not present at this incidence. Were you?

If you were there, I would say you have reason to question something. If not, I don't quite see your logic. How would you transfer records of hundreds of patients? No, I didn't think you have experieince with this.

Iagree with bandfieldlover and Karen.

I think there are more important things to worry about. Angiebaby, do you do anything, but respond to one sided correspondences tht you have no busness with?


banfieldlover, by what I have read of your post it appears that you have some sort of vendetta against this individual you have named. My observation is that you have no conscious or respect for your fellow humans.

To be present watching a Veterinarian put medical records of others pets out onto the curb in unsecured boxes in shopping carts says it is not about care but about selfishness and revenge. I am sure there where much better ways to transfer these records of someones four legged family member!

NO EXCUSE COULD JUSTIFY SUCH AN ACT! I bet your the kind of person that would be the first to complain if someone did that to you.....


No, Angie baby, I am not the doctor who did this. I am a close frined of the doctor and an ex-patient of Dr.

Sloan. I also was there when this occurred without Dr. Sloan knowing it. The records were put in four shopping carts and released to Dr.

Sloan's care just outside the door. DId you think the doctor should have gift wrapped them for his ex-business partner? I observed Dr.Sloan with her "friend" putting the records in her car. Where was the misconduct of record handling.

Having dealt with Dr.

Sloan for many years, I am sorry she compulsively tried to harrass her ex partner for more than a year, and try to discredit him. I think she needs to get on with her life since her past law suit was , in my opinion, a complete farce and the act of a vindictive person.


I am so sorry that your job is not about caring for pets and giving the pet owners peace of mind but about how much money you bring in... I hope you can get into a place where it is about good animal care and quality of care.


I am a Petnurse at a midwestern Banfield. At the end of each day, do we discuss the interesting cases that we saw that day?

No! The first thing we look at is how many pets did we see today? How much did we bring in today? How are we doing compared to other hospitals in our area?

I have never worked for a company that is as micromanaged as Banfield.

Every 3 weeks or so, the corporate goons come in, to pass out the company cool-aid, and make sure that everyone swears alegence to Banfield. :(


OMG, I cannot believe that this Vet. did such a horrible thing sounds like it was revenge!

As for you Karen, I agree with "nonononon" how would you like your personal information put out for all to see?

I hope you never work in the medical field human or animals. By the lack of care and sensitivity you have I would be concerned about myself, family and pets.


Karen, I did not spy on the veterinarian when he put several shopping carts outside the petsmart store displayed in a very public place an outdoor "shopping mall" with other stores attached to it. It was a gross public display for anyone to see.

Patrons shopped at petsmart,target,dicks sporting goods,bestbuy. By the way I was not present when this occurred, there were several separate sources my information came from. Not to mention the gentlemen that was present to help this business partner was a very reliable source.

He was a former police officer and does security for a living. I would say he is a very valid witness....


Karen: (first comment above, #1)

Maybe YOU WOULD care if it had been YOUR records left on the curb.

If those had been people's records it would be on the evening news and the district attorney would be looking into prosecution.If you don't care, then what're you doing here??? Some of us do indeed care about patient confidentiality even if that patient happens to be a dog or a cat. What if those were YOUR medical records left on the curb and they disclosed a condition you didn't want made public?


I can think of a lot of careless and malicious activity that animal abusers do to animals rather than to care what he does with the your pet's records. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than to sit in front of your vet's office and spy on what he's doing?


sounds to me like banfieldlover is the one who did this.I went to a banfield & did not care for it. They try to sell you everything they can. I saw the other post on this one in manahawkin were the people made a few visits,went through lots of cash b4 doctor finally diagnosed ringworm & then blamed owner for giving it to pets



There are several veterinarians in the area I believe would be a good choice. I think that word of mouth, personal recommendations of people you know would be a start. Good Luck


I would never go to a vetinary practice that would have such reckless regard for my pets records and my personal information. It is definitely unprofessional to take out personal issues on clients records.I would be afraid to call them to transfer my records if I wanted to get a second opinion or leave the practice because I would be afraid they would take it out on my pets records or me.

Definitely won't use this Banfield in Manahawkin when I relocate to NJ.

Thank goodness for sites like these. Any recommendations for good practices in the area?




Banfieldlover, you have not answered my question. Are you the one that put the records out on the petsmart curb?


i took our 7mo old puppy to be spayed and to receive her due boosters yesterday. when i picked her up after her surgery the nurse brought her out and explained her pain medication to me and that the e collar that they had on her was one size too big because they 'ran out of her size'...along with that i was told that i could remove her bandage on her arm from her iv when we got home.

i was SHOCKED to find as i was removing the bandage that she still had her catheter in!

i immediately called the vet to inquire about it...after explaining the situation i was placed on hold only to have her return to say, 'they apologize and if you get her here before 5 we will remove it'.......

this was our third and FINAL visit to this location (greenville ave, dallas tx) to have our puppy examined by this 'vet'.

her weight has been recorded wrong, the e cone they supplied me with was too big, (i replaced with one of the correct size to give puppy more ease in moving about as she heals) and the most disturbing, leaving the catheter in my 7mo old puppy!!

her treatment there is totally unacceptable.



In reading your comment to this post, I have one question. Are you the one that did this?


Th problem here was with the ex-business partner who in my opinion has deep psychiatric problems. Her time would have been better spent seeking proper mental care instead of wasting her time and her ex-business partner's time.

She cpuld have had possesion of all records from the beginning, but she neglected to practice medicine for the past year when she dumped her patients. SO, to quote an ex friend, "Stop having your own pity party " and go on with your life, if you still have one.

The problem with this doctor is she wants someone else to do the work and she make the profit. Lois, the party is over, get and life and a real job.

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