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I had a horrible experience with this hospital, after a recent car accident when their own machine failed to take a temporary debit card after i was told it would. i lost my wallet with all of my id's and credit/ debit cards ect.

I suffer from a traumatic brain injury so after this tragic event my mind went blank this is how i lost my walletI was told they would keep my acct open and they didn't they put collections on my acct but my statement although now paid now reads collections i was hurt in this accident as well as my cat and my car totaled i just think this is a despicable heartless company and what makes matters worst i was on my way to this hospital the morning of this accident when a delivery truck rear ended my car throwing me into the car in front of me. never ever will i recommend this company to anyone they still haven't did anything to help me straighten this out they should make my account read fault of Banfield not me they even told my banker their machine would take my payment instead they made it seem on my statement i was the bad one not them oooh makes my blood boil .

besides they never asked for another form of payment from my banker lousy stinking rotten company to do this after what happen to me. besides being followed out the door by their office manager and told not to come back if i didn't like their policy

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Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - As mentioned on your previous review, we would like to help you. To address your specific concerns, we would appreciate it if you would call our Client Advocate Team 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


Its a shame u were in an accident but u have to understand that they ARE NOT a nonprofit organization. Just BC u were in a wreck does jot mean they should give u a free bill.

How long did u expect to have them keep ur account open? If u read the form u signed when u checked in (authorization to provide care) u will see that it says payment is due at time of service otherwise u will be put into collections within I think 7 days. Its good that u did TRY to pay though. And now that u said it is paid and ur account still says collections...

Its a glitch in the system. All u have to do is call or go to (I recommend go) to ur local Banfield, they will call their collections dept/corp. Office and they will fix it that way...

It just doesn't always automatically sync. It IS fixable though.


1. Your grammar & sentence structure is appalling.

If you speak anything like you type then I doubt anyone can understand what you are trying to explain to them, which may have been part of the issue. If this is as a result of your recent brain injury I recommend you have someone call on your behalf/go with you to make payment/explain the situation because maybe they just can't understand you.

2. It's is YOUR responsibility to make sure your temporary card is correctly setup/ready to be used. The employees who swipe your card have NO CONTROL over whether the machine will accept it or not.

That depends on the card type/if it is authorized yet etc etc. Again, if you are having some memory/cognitive problems after an accident I suggest you ask a friend or family member to make sure your cards are set up properly or go with you in case they need to help out.


I get the feeling you are very upset following the car crash - don't displace this anger onto a place that had nothing to do with your accident. I suggest you seek professional counselling.


Have someone WITHOUT a traumatic brain injury write this for you. Maybe then it will make some kind on sense.


I don't really see how it is their fault that your card didn't go through. Maybe it was insufficient funds, or your card was not activated properly.

I highly doubt it was an issue with your card.

Besides, they don't put people into collections right away, so you must have not paid for quite a while. If there was an issue with your card, you should have worked to resolve it instead of just not paying


Correction: I meant to say "I highly doubt it was an issue with THEIR MACHINES."


Pay your bill


I would venture to guess with your brain injury that you misunderstood something. It is up to YOU to make the payments for services rendered.

It is not the responsibility of the Pet Hospital to ask your bank for an alternate method of payment. Since your card did not work in the machine, you should have simply pulled the cash out from your bank account and paid your bill! I guarantee they did not immediately send your account to collections.

You had time on another day to get the money and pay that bill. How dare you blame the Pet Hospital for you NOT paying YOUR BILL

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