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Good Morning, I hoped I reached the correct people to address my problem. I have a 11 year old pit bull that I have taken to the same Banfield Hospital and have seen the same Veterinarian for 11 years.

I have your Wellness Plan and has had the plan for the life of my pet. I have been taking Sasha to monitor a mass on her hip for over 1 year. Each time I was given some medication (wipes and ointment) to treat the wound and it never heal up. Today, I dropped her off to have her dental cleaning and while there she was to have the mass removed because it has started looking worst.

I have been taking her in to treat this spot for over a year. I was told today that it would be 523.00 to remove the mass because it is in bad shape. I did not expect this to be free, but I did not expect it to cost this much. My complaint is, it should have been treated way before it got to this stage.

This is the reason why I have insurance for my dog and why I take her to be treated on schedule with all her dental cleaning, shots and anything else that goes wrong or warrant attention. I always go to the same Banfield in Raleigh, North Carolina and we see Dr. Kutner and have done so for 11years. I am very dissatisfied and upset that my dog will not get the treatment she need because I do not have 523.00 today to pay for this service.

I should not have to pay this amount of money because it could have been treated over a year ago. If you would check her medical records, it will show that I have been taking her to question the spot and now it has flared up and looks infected. Because it was not treated in time, I should not have to pay to have this done. I was prepared to pay something but not 523.00.

I am totally dissatisfied with the result of this visit. I will like to have this spot removed at a fair cost to me or have it for free due to negligence of the Veterinarian or staff. Me and Dr. Kutner has paid close attention to masses that appear on Sasha.

When they appear, they are removed immediately because of her history with skin problem.

She has skin allergies and the moment they appear, she is given Benadryl for about 2 weeks until they heal up. She is aware of Sasha’s history and I am upset that she will quote me 523.00 to remove this mass.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $523.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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We never know what a mass is going to do. Vets dont have crystal balls.

Do you think the vet knew that it was going to get big, and therefore waited so she could charge you more? It's insulting for you to claim that you want a "fair price" for removal.

You have no idea what a fair price is, and you are just insulting the vet's worth. Vets dont make a lot of money, so you are basically asking for her to take money out of her pocket to subsidize the cost of your dog's surgery.


What did that price include? If it was just to remove the mass, that is very high. But if it included removal, testing/staging at a lab, pain medications and proper post op antibiotics, that price is more than fair

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