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My family joined the Banfield wellness plan after being sold like a car salesman by a vet. We later found out that the plan includes large amounts of vaccinations that my small dog did not do well.

with. I asked the vet if so many vaccinations are truly necessary and she advised me that they were. I told her last time he was sick for 3 days and I didnt want this to happen again. She blatantly lied to me and told me the vaccinations could not have made him sick because they are attenuated(dead) vaccinations.

I ignorantly trusted them and we went ahead with the vaccinations, he got sick a few days later but this was very scary. He was stumbling around shaking and crying in pain. I took him in thinking he might have eaten something -right off the bat we spent $300 on xrays, bloodwork and a followup with a specialist in another city. The specialist in the other city wanted $3500 to start and suggested a lumbar tap and ultrasound.

I told her that was not affordable and i would like the meds needed to combat the "worse case scenarios"(being (SRM-or disk disease[no way]). we followed a very strct regiment of steroids antibiotics and pain meds for 7 weeks, following up with blood work and x rays) there was never ant tests that showed anything wrong. My dog was dying and Banfield had NO CLUE what to do. I went to 2 more specialists and they said if I wont spend the now $4800.00.

to investigate (in which there was a possibility they still wont find anything) they can't tell me what else to do. My beautiful bouncy walker was reduced to a painful hobbled mess, I decided he was so miserable, I had no choice but to call a vet to meet us at home on the front porch and put him down. I carried him out back and buried him. My wife and family are devastated, and we never knew so many (hundreds) other stories like our existed which is downright criminal.

This company as it turns out is a multinational corporation designed to make money. It is NOT a PET HOSPITAL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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You are a vet, right Gary? You killed someones Shepherd down there in Orlando too?

You work for Banfield Gary? yea I know :x who you are...


Technically it's the vet that met you at home on the front porch that killed your dog. And you actually paid him to do it too. Nice job.

@Gary Behler

Gary Behler,

You are a piece of garbage, It wouldn't surprise me if you worked for Banfield.

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