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my name is roxanne, and i have a 6 month old golden retriever/lab. our first visit was on 5/3/2011 for rabies and his second parvo shot.

at the time of the visit my dog weight was 63.5 lbs very active and healthy. one hour after the visit my dog seemed a little sluggish, and did not want to eat or drink, i called banfield and explained how my dog was acting, they said give it three days, sometimes dogs act this way after getting shots. by the third day my dog couldnt walk, eat, drink, took him back on 5/6/2011, thats when they said my dog had parvo. how i asked?

my dog never around other dogs, i have a 7 foot privacy fence, and he never goes out.they wouldnt let me take my dog from banfield unless treated. $872.34 for there stay, or $654.46 home stay, i chose there stay, only to find out that i had to take him home at 7pm anyway? this was at 1pm. so for 6 hours i paid $872.34.

took him back at 7am the next morning, picked him back up at 7pm, only to find out that i had to pay yet again $150.00 per day, that was not included in the initial payment. when i got home i went to give my dog his meds, again only to find out that the same amount of pills were still in the bottle when i dropped him off.

i called banfield again and got nothing but excuses, i did not take my dog back, and i nursed him myself for 2 weeks, my dog is now active and eating, drinking and being his healthy loving self again, and threw this hole night Mair my dog (miller) is finally back to his old self. no thanks to banfield.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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the shot does not give parvo but it can take 7-10 for signs of parvo to show and once it does it can get bad fast. the vets would have had no way of knowing if your pet was positive or not and your pet does not have to be around another animal it can live the ground for up to 7 years and if you went to park or on walk a dog that was positive could have been there all ready.


crass replies sound like they're written from banfield...har har


UwUnfortunately, your dog already had parvo before the vaccinations. When a dog has parvo, they shed the lining of their intestinal tract, and their bone marrow shuts down producing white blood cells to fight disease.

They often die from toxicity and dehydration. What Banfield did was absolutely the right protocol. These animals can decompensate quickly and take intensive care.

Thank goodness they saved your beloved pet. Quit complaining...get a life

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