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We took our puppy in for an exam. Our puppy needed to be treated for loose stools as a result of intestinal parasites. They put the puppy on 2 antibiotics. 4 days later, our puppy started having seizures. We took her back, to get another bill $175, and ran more "diagnostics" which they couldn't determine why she was having seizures. They ran bloodwork and stated she had low red blood count (probably because of the prescription diet she was on and low protein), then her white blood count was low, due to the parasites and to monitor the seizures and call back if they continued.

They continued the next day she had 6 seizures (which she never had until she started taking the medicine they prescribed). I called them, of course...."bring her in to be seen, but there is a cost involved, we need to run more diagnostics. I told them we didn't have any more money, we've already spent $400 in 4 days. Then it was the scare tactic, well it could be distemper (which they supposedly ruled out yesterday), then she may have low blood sugar from not eating (I told them she was eating and drinking water and her gums are pink). Then it was "if she is having seizures that is very serious and you need to bring her in to be seen". I told them that I felt it was the medicine because she didn't have seizures until she started the medicine.

I then searched online to research the medicine. Low and behold..... allergic reaction......seizures to the Albon. Why didn't they just say that in the beginning? Because they wanted more money. I'm furious and let them have a piece of my mind and will NEVER bring my puppy into them again. I called in to give them a piece of my mind and then some. She then informed me that she had to look it up in the medical book. What kind of *** is that?

Since when did they not care about the well being of an animal? It's all about money with them. I will take her somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Of course there are costs involved. There are always costs involved in everything you do in life. What did you expect with a sick wanted them to treat it for free? Or better yet, wave their magic wand to find an answer to all your pets health problems. It sounds to me like you bought a puppy you couldn't afford and are just wanting to blame someone else. As far as the albon goes, you can always find what you want to hear on the internet about anything. Read reputible sources and you will find the truth... This is from Pfizer..

TOXICITY AND SAFETY: Data regarding acute and chronic toxicities of sulfadimethoxine indicate the

drug is very safe. The LD50 in mice is greater than 2 g/kg of body weight when administered

intraperitoneally and greater than 16 g/kg when administered orally. In dogs receiving massive single oral

doses of 3.2 g/kg of body weight, diarrhea was the only adverse effect observed. Dogs given 160 mg/kg of

body weight orally daily for 13 weeks showed no signs of toxicity.

And by the way...where do you think vets learn everything they know....from BOOKS!


Banfield is a high priced rip off, go to another local vet, that is honest and will not overcharge. I had a cat fixed and it was over $1,000!

I had a friend drop the cat off, they had my friend sign for the cat, turns out it was a persmission form to be microchipped, charging more $$. The vets are sales people, they do not have your pets' best interest.

They always wanted to take stool samples, I thought that was nuts and found a new vet. I only made an appointment there because Banfield was open on Sunday.

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