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I have recently adopted a cat from the shelter and was given $30 coupon towards Banfield Pet Hospital & thought I give them a try.

I always do my research for most everything being on the net all the time & love info on things (eg. pet insurances, how to care for my cat, recipes, how to, advises etc.).

I did a review on Banfield and it took me to "Here", Yelp, some other review sites and see nothing but consumer complains... so I got "the idea" of how Banfield really is.

I at first changed my mind and decided to make an appointment with my local vet here (not banfield) but have to cancel due to a family emergency (out of town for 2 weeks). When I came back, I really wanted a physical for my kitty so called Banfield to see if I can "walk in" (I still have the $30 coupon; if no "walk in", I won't use them) and they say they take walk in.

Hence I went.

When I was there, sure enough like all the complaints... they try to sell me this and that (my DD even crack a joke on the Kitty needing "Surrrgerrry" in a funny voice) plus the "Wellness plan" that will be the same monthly payment as any "pet insurance" and then stressing that "it is NOT an insurance". Mind you, anything not under "wellness" will be $$$$$$ extra (but of course).

The vet tech was trying so had to sell me the "wellness" that they told me that day's visit would be $180 plus (since "wellness is $200 plus for the year; the vet tech played it so it is like a huge savings)!!! 8 --- (Thinking I was *** of course! What an insult plus turn me right off!!!)

So I ask her what the basic physical without all the rest of the *** cost, then he sheepishly said $44. I said OK, I'll do just that! They also charge me $3 for a disposal fee for just throwing an "ear swab" from my cat into the trash can (NOT into any "special" container for medical disposal for Christ sake!)! 8(

I am pissed, yes.

Here forth, I sincerely believed that this Banfield Practice is nothing but a "Money making" scheme thought up by "evil companies" just trying to suck your hard earn money!

So even if you bring your pets in, the Banfield practice WILL try to SELL you everything (from "plans" to drugs & surgeries that your pet MAY NOT NEED, hence endangering their lives plus sucking your $$$$) & anything to mark up their intake $$$$.

I promised myself I would share my more than FAIR reviews on Banfield after my visit. Hey, I did give them A CHANCE to prove the reviews here wrong by spending my $$$ on them.

******To all consumers:

DO NOT get suck into buying from Banfield "wellness plans"!


#1) Then *YOU* be STUCK "with them" plus still have to dish out extra $$$$ for so many "uncovered" expenses

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Next time you try a new veterinary practice, keep an open mind when you go. Don't read everyone's bad reviews, this website is bassed for pissed off people who have nothing better to do with their time.

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