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Banfield has vet Techs and Vet assistants pulling blood and "attempting" to draw blood and place cath's. that have no proper schooling or training to do so.

I know this because I work as a CSC, and I am required to"hold" these sweet animals while unqualified persons torment them in an attempt to prepare them for surgery, that is done as if they are a doughnut at in factory.

My dog, that I signed up on the wellness program, as I was as an employee there..............WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A BANFIELD HOSPITAL AGIAN!!!!!! not take your baby to is terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I would never do business with any vet unless any and every person that handled my pet in any manner whatsoever was fully licensed. If theyre not its a quack factory fast food style operation.

Remember youre the consumer. Regardless of what anyone thinks you have the power because you have the $ and can take it anywhere. Another red flag is vets that never seem to want the pet owner to be present when theyre checking the animal out.

Steer clear. Any halfway decent should make it a point to have a relationship with both owner and animal.


If you had a problem with how pets were being treated in your hospital, why would you not address that with your Practice Manager or Chief of Staff? Secondly, your formal education level has NOTHING to do with your competence in drawing blood or setting IV Catheters.

I am a Veterinart Assistant at a Banfield Hospital, and I can tell you that most of our " untrained" girls can draw blood better than our doctors!


Really? compared to what?

I worked for this horrible place and I Know, they can NOT draw blood or anything else like a trained professional. If you think you are all that.........go apply at a REAL Veterinarian, you will not get a job. Banfield is horrible and I will never work for this joke of a place or send a pet of mine to them. I know what I am talking about and that is why I left and I told them the reason I left.

Banfield is a death sentence to any pet.

Bring on YOUR reasons why you like this place. please.


Really??? yeah right.


No one will listen to you as an employee. They are very discriminative.

If you don't get along with the staff that is in the "CLICK" then they find whatever they can use to push you out. They will take a small mistake and run with it. I transferred to a new hospital, and I went from being highly recommended to not knowing how to do my job. Then out the door within a month and a half.

I am sorry I ever complained about someone, because they were one of the PM's buddies. Because of that complaint and trying to let others know that they can speak up if they want. I was reprimanded and then discharged for something else that I did not do! I know how to draw blood, I know how to place catheters.

I know how to run a room as a nurse, and I am great at what I do.

Look out though! If you *** off one of the PM's buddies you might as well kiss your job goodbye, or walk around on egg shells for fear of getting that person mad.


I work for the company and it sounds to me like your a bitter ex associate


Bitter does not even begin to explain how I feel......this all you got?

Banfield P

Hi slogan - I understand your frustration, and I am truly sorry that your experience at our Atlanta hospital was unsatisfactory. After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to get more information.

Though you are no longer a current associate, we encourage you to also address your concerns directly through Banfield’s People & Organization team (P&O). While we appreciate your feedback, we are limited in what we can do to address these concerns when submitted online. Banfield has an exceptional support system for our hospital associates, and in order to address concerns, we need feedback in a format that can be escalated appropriately. Again, we encourage you to contact the Associate Relations line at 503-922-5153 or ARTeam@banfield(dot)net.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team

@Banfield P

I bet you would like for me not to place my feelings here..........good luck with that.


That is because it costs a lot more to hire a licensed veterinary tech & in most states there is no legal requirement for one. Because of this Banfield, and many other Vet's hire unlicensed techs because they are cheaper.

I have worked in both a Banfield & a private practice & they both had unlicensed techs. Until it is made an actual LEGAL requirement this won't change because it all comes down to the bottom line.

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