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After I took my dog to banfield midtown Miami to get neutered his sack got swollen to the size of a baseball I went back to the vet they gave me a medicine that made him vomit and told me to put ice on it. The next day his stitches came out because it kept growing bigger.

I took him to another vet that told me he is infected and needs surgery and now he has a huge blood infection all over.

My dog health is in great risk due to laziness and ignorance of Banfield vet.

The other vet now is giving him surgery and I have to pay over $800 just to save his life

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I think its a little late for any legal actions. However, if there is any personal injury sustained due to a surgical procedure that has been performed by a doctor.

As long as you can prove the and have medical documentation the infection/injury was caused due to negligence.

You in fact can pursue legal action and recover the costs additional medical costs you incurred due to the doctors negligence that initially performed the surgery either a small claims court personal suit filed directly against the actual doctor or a suit filed against the medical facility where the surgery was performed. An attorney would be able to advise you of the best route to take in order to recover your financial losses and undue emotional distress.


Good luck with that.

You need to get copies of all the medical records and have them professionally reviewed to see if you really have a case.

Banfield has a huge legal dept who are very good at protecting themselves & their Drs (who are all protected by the company) so unless you have an airtight case all suing them will do is cost you time, stress and more money.

Also pets are seen as property only in most states so you cannot sue for emotional distress or other such things. At the very most you could sue for the cost of the extra medical fees, but it would likely cost you more than that in lawyers fees to take them to court.


I sincerely hope your dog is or will be alright!

Although it is not your fault, if you every suspect anything wrong you should always get a second opinion. This goes for human doctors as well!

I say it is not your fault because it isn't. You were under the impression that you could trust your vet.

I keep reading stories about beloved pets and people being seriously harmed or killed because of doctors not believing their patients, ignorance or just pure laziness.


How are these people still in business. I've seen NUMEROUS verified reports of them actually killing peoples pets. Jesus friggin Christ.


That is horrible! How is your dog doing?

My dog was killed by 2 ignorant Banfield vets in Deptford, NJ. I hope your dog is ok!


Oh no! Not this serial complainer again.

Find your 'proof' yet???

Beware this poster - she makes up all kinds of false accusations & is slandering two poor vets who really don't sound like they did anything wrong. Read her pages & pages of abusive rants if you feel like having an insight into the mind of someone with a mental health issue.

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