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My dog Vegas , which he just turned 7 years old in December, he was a small male Maltese about 9 lbs.

My husband and I vacation in Florida every year and not without out our dog Vegas. He has never been sick and all his shots were currant and up to date. The night before we took our pet into a Benfield Pet Hospital located at 10500 Ulmerton Road , Largo , Florida in a Pets Mart, he started to not eat his dog food and backed away from the bowl, this was very unusual for our dog, he loved to eat and loved to play. So the next day when we woke he was behaving different as if he were in pain of some sorts. Then out of no where he started this agonizing coughing and scream like noise. The only place that was open being New Years Eve was pets mart. We scooped up out little guy and took him in. Which that was 12-31-11 at 1:40 pm. The Vet seen us and we told him what had happened . During the visit, we had watched him check out our dog and during that time Vegas made the same cough and scream noise. At no time did the vet ever look down his throat, he said to us, to be back in 20 minutes we need to do x rays. As we told him ,when he asked how do we proceed, we stated we need to find what is wrong with our do g so do what you have to do. After we came back he said he has a mild collapsed trachea and prescribed Guaifenesin tabs and K-Pectin oral solution and sent us away. My husband and I got in our vehicle and our dog made that awful sound, this time puking up blood and phlegm . My husband took the towel into the Vet , showed him, he had said he will be fine, he may have broken a capillary to get him home to rest. We left , all that night and the next day we had stayed up with him him, the painful screams and cough were every 15 minutes and we did not want to leave him alone. On 01-01-2012 we placed an emergency call into this vet and told him what was going on and we asked is there anything else we can do to make our dogs breathing easier, he is in Pain. We had also told him that Vegas had puked again this time there was food and meds in the puke with blood and food was from 2 days ago. He told my husband to go and get neo synephrine and put a few sprays in his nose and that was it. My husband went to get it in 20 minutes he returned , sprayed him and then about 30 minutes later it all started up again, it was awful, my heart was breaking for my little buddy, throughout the night my husband kept vigil with Vegas so he would not be alone or as scared. Around 12:00 am that night I awoke, as I had been up for hours and I could not stay away an y longer, I went to my husband and Vegas which were right beside the bed, Vegas looked lifeless, he looked up at me I put him in my hands and held him and he violently puked with a fair amount of blood for the last time and passed away while I was holding onto him. In the middle of the night my brother came over, they made a little coffin for Vegas and buried him on his property. That day I looked at the papers they had given us from the Vets Office Banfield Pet Hospitals with the bill of $471.44. On it they stated, change in energy - no , vomiting- no, pain reported- no, trouble walking - no, trouble breathing- no, no change in appetite, no unfavorable behavior , condition of attitude excellent, was this my dog Vegas that he reported on or was I just seeing things pop out on this paper. No I did not, after looking at this it made me sick to my stomach. We went back and told the Vet Vegas has passed away and showed him again what he puked up. He said I am sorry and I have no answers"˜. We left empty again . This vet dropped the ball on the diagnosis. We were at his mercy ,our little guy needed help and we live out of state and we did what any dog loving owner would do and take him to the vet. From what we have checked out on the internet, our dog did not have a temp and he very well could have swallowed something and had intestinal blockage. Perfectly healthy dog and within 34 hours our dog is gone. We are not vets but to come to this conclusion is more likely than a mild collapsed trachea for the cause of death. We have since found out this vet had 2 ½ years experience, this apparently is not enough. It is very unfortunate for those on vacation with there pet that they are at the mercy of such inexperience. My gut instinct told me that he was wrong in the diagnosis, I only wish that it had not been New Years Day we could have tried to find another vet!!!!!!!

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you can't "catch" a leaking/thickening valve without an ultrasound - something which most Banfields don't have. You should have gone to an ER immediately.

Banfield is not an emergency clinic, and if they didn't have any openings, they could not have accommodated you. You wouldn't go to your primary care doctor and demand to be seen immediately if you were having trouble breathing (or another emergency) would you? No. You go to emergency care.


Not all vet clinics are the same. The staffing, diagnostic equipment, and treatment options are vastly different at an ER than at a general practice vet.


The same thing happened to my dog. We took him to Banfield and they wouldnt even see him, so they sent us home to make a appointment.

We went to three more Banfields and said the same thing.

We wanted till monday, and the vet rushed him to another emergency clinic not associated with Banfield, and they kept him alive for two more days. Banfield didn't catch a leaking heart valve or thickening of the valve.


Wow, I know exactly how these people feel, I got the pet wellness plan also. Something is wrong with this organization and I pray that they are exposed, for the things they are doing to people and their pets. All for the almighty $BUCK$ :sigh


Stevets36, first of all we want to say how sorry we are for the loss of Vegas. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way.

We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

We appreciate your feedback and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly. To address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 877-500-2288 to discuss what happened.

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